Krishna Prem

High Beloved Friends, many of you know that I live in the East at the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India six months a year. The other 6 months I live out of a suitcase in the West flying every weekend leading my Meditation Playshop wherever I am invited. I have had as little as 12 friends at a Meditation Playshop in Athens and as many as 112 friends in my adopted hometown of Amsterdam. My journey always reflects the first words I ever heard Osho speak, "Life is mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved." I simply say Yes ... while I do my wash, pack my bags and fly with my iPad in my hand luggage . and share Osho wherever I land.

And then I dawned on me that I can fly with you over Skype . so I have begun doing my Meditation Playshop Online in the comfort of your living room. You can be alone with me or with your partner. I will send you a link with the music for our meditations together so you will have good sound quality. I tailor make my Meditation Playshop with you in mind. For me the most important reminder is that we are human beings, not human doers ... by again considering that our minds <and our hearts for that matter> work for us, not the other way around. Put very simply who is the boss today, you or your mind. Welcome to your witness.

I am excited about meditating with you... together we will look into this mystery called life while we are together... recently I facilitated a day in Amsterdam A young man said to me, I don't want to learn meditation, that meditation is a waste of his time. I asked him to imagine that his life is a mystery novel. I asked him on what page did he realise he was a person. He said his conscious life began at the end of page 3 just before he turned 4 years old. I then asked how will his novel end, to which he nervously laughed that he had no idea. I simply suggested that meditation is often referred to as your Original Face. Meditation is the key to remember who you are.

Just jot me a line for details by simply replying to this email... and we can create an intimate time to go "in" together.

Love is, kp  


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