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Welcome to my new life... I am 'righting' my second book called Aloneness: a Love Story, coming out this Summer. You will get an idea of my latest book from my YouTube Channel... And when you tune into me, please forgive my funny face as I lost 2 teeth on my way to this video shoot. 

Click on and join me and our friends in meditation and delight. You may well recognize many of your friends and want to join them in your home during this time of isolation around the globe. You might want to get back into your body with Satyarthi while he leads us in Myofascial Unwinding.  Or practice Tai Chi with Terry Hodgkinson. Or dance with Prateeksha. Or just get comfy and breathe with Anahata, Omkar, and Spersa. If you want to kill your partner, may I suggest you meditate with Krishnananda and Amana first! Or if you are alone and are going bonkers, join Tara and talk to your inner child. My brother and best friend, Dr. Brian Alman, will show us how to use hypnosis to go deeper into meditation. Plus, there are many more friends to play with – pick your pleasure. Speaking of pleasure, Kimaya leads us in a Tantra Technique from Osho's Book of Secrets which can be done with a partner... or ALONE.

Really, I asked 21 of our best friends to meditate with you in the comfort of your own home. All the meditations are between 2 and 20 minutes so take your choiceless choice and enjoy. Yes, we are in isolation but you don't need to feel alone. Beyond social distancing, we are all one.

But before I get too serious, allow me to add that I was not always so fuckin’ enlightened. In fact, when I came to Osho I was still a virgin. Please click on the word Orgasm and I will share my love life with you.


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Ever since I lost my virginity, my life with Osho has been up until now a touchy-feely experience. In a way, it has prepared me for isolation. Having been in love and nourished by so many friends over the years in this caravanserai has prepared me to be in my aloneness. Can I prove this to you? No, I can't. You will have to find out for yourself. But I can encourage you to go inside and feel the real you. And when all else fails, there is always Skype to reach out to a loved one. Or you can lose yourself on Netflix. But as soon as you remember, jump back into yourself and experience your Inner Smile... which is a popular Taoist practice in which we smile inwardly to each of the major organs of our body, activating the energy of loving-kindness within us. Both Dhyan Prem and Ma Sonar chose to lead us in this meditation. I suggest you try both on for size.


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Very simply there is nowhere to go but in. This painting is from my good friend and super talented artist Anutosh ( and if you click on Buddha's third eye you can enjoy a small Osho Talk called Jump into Life's Deepest Waters.   


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Here I am in my room in Osho House in the middle of the OSHO International Meditation Resort playing with the cutest Ma in the world. Her name is Arhat. Just click on her and enjoy our chemistry.  Feel free to check out Arhat yourself at


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Needless to say, I am 45 years older than when I lost my virginity. But I remain officially single on Facebook... It's Complicated. In fact, I am heartbroken over my recent loss. Simply click on my naked friend and discover my broken heart for yourself. This joke is not funny. Please refrain from laughing too much. You will hurt my religious feeling.


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Be well, stay safe and share my newsletter with your email and Facebook friends as we all need to meditate and crack a smile. And I have a need to go viral during this virus. 


May I leave you now with love from my home to yours. Love is, kp

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