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Welcome to my new life... I am 'righting' my second book called Aloneness: a Love Story, coming out this Summer. You will get an idea of my latest book from my YouTube Channel... And when you tune into me, please forgive my funny face as I lost 2 teeth on my way to this video shoot. 

Click on and join me and our friends in meditation and delight. You may well recognize many of your friends and want to join them in your home during this time of isolation around the globe. You might want to get back into your body with Satyarthi while he leads us in Myofascial Unwinding.  Or practice Tai Chi with Terry Hodgkinson. Or dance with Prateeksha. Or just get comfy and breathe with Anahata, Omkar, and Spersa. If you want to kill your partner, may I suggest you meditate with Krishnananda and Amana first! Or if you are alone and are going bonkers, join Tara and talk to your inner child. My brother and best friend, Dr. Brian Alman, will show us how to use hypnosis to go deeper into meditation. Plus, there are many more friends to play with – pick your pleasure. Speaking of pleasure, Kimaya leads us in a Tantra Technique from Osho's Book of Secrets which can be done with a partner... or ALONE.

Really, I asked 21 of our best friends to meditate with you in the comfort of your own home. All the meditations are between 2 and 20 minutes so take your choiceless choice and enjoy. Yes, we are in isolation but you don't need to feel alone. Beyond social distancing, we are all one.

But before I get too serious, allow me to add that I was not always so fuckin’ enlightened. In fact, when I came to Osho I was still a virgin. Please click on the word Orgasm and I will share my love life with you.


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Ever since I lost my virginity, my life with Osho has been up until now a touchy-feely experience. In a way, it has prepared me for isolation. Having been in love and nourished by so many friends over the years in this caravanserai has prepared me to be in my aloneness. Can I prove this to you? No, I can't. You will have to find out for yourself. But I can encourage you to go inside and feel the real you. And when all else fails, there is always Skype to reach out to a loved one. Or you can lose yourself on Netflix. But as soon as you remember, jump back into yourself and experience your Inner Smile... which is a popular Taoist practice in which we smile inwardly to each of the major organs of our body, activating the energy of loving-kindness within us. Both Dhyan Prem and Ma Sonar chose to lead us in this meditation. I suggest you try both on for size.


5 02 2 5 01 2


Very simply there is nowhere to go but in. This painting is from my good friend and super talented artist Anutosh ( and if you click on Buddha's third eye you can enjoy a small Osho Talk called Jump into Life's Deepest Waters.   


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Here I am in my room in Osho House in the middle of the OSHO International Meditation Resort playing with the cutest Ma in the world. Her name is Arhat. Just click on her and enjoy our chemistry.  Feel free to check out Arhat yourself at


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Needless to say, I am 45 years older than when I lost my virginity. But I remain officially single on Facebook... It's Complicated. In fact, I am heartbroken over my recent loss. Simply click on my naked friend and discover my broken heart for yourself. This joke is not funny. Please refrain from laughing too much. You will hurt my religious feeling.


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Be well, stay safe and share my newsletter with your email and Facebook friends as we all need to meditate and crack a smile. And I have a need to go viral during this virus. 


May I leave you now with love from my home to yours. Love is, kp

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Write to Krishna Prem at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you love me and also if you want to unsubscribe.

All Osho quotes copyright Osho International Foundation

On the Road Again


Krishna Prem here… I am packing my bags after 8 months in the OSHO International Meditation Resort to bring my Meditation Playshop wherever I am invited in the Big Bad World. 

I remain a fool in love.

 I am happy to announce that I am invited to ‘play' with my good friend Darshan in Lisbon Portugal on the eve of Saturday April 28th and all day Sunday April 29th… Be there or be square.

You can join me for my Meditation Playshop only… or better yet, you can join Darshan for her Osho Meditation and Mindfulness Training at Osho Darshan Institute in Lisbon. The training lasts from the 14th of April till the 3th of June. For details go to or e-mail Darshan directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 IMG 0971


Here is my Meditation Playshop in a nutshell… Jump on a jet plane to Portugal and enjoy!




This is a personal invitation to join me in meditation and delight in my Meditation Playshop. Simply click on my third eye in the picture below… Fun.




 My gosh, I just took a selfie of Darshan and yours truly… And when I developed the picture we turned into seagulls… Can you guess which seagull this boy KP is? It seems even in the bird world, boys and gals are communicating completely differently!



 You must have an extremely high IQ in order to qualify as a participant in my Meditation Playshop.  You must answer this simple question correctly or don’t bother to show up at my doorstep… Are you ready… "In your past life, were you an elephant or a camel?"


An elephant asks a camel: "Why are your breasts on your back?"


"Well" says the camel, "I think that' s a strange question coming from somebody whose dick is on his face."


In all seriousness, I am proud to call Darshan a friend. I highly recommend you join her when she leads her family constellation training the week before I join in… And I am not kidding. Go to for all the juicy details.





And Pretty Please… Check out my latest blog “Hats” as Osho suggested that this is an important Meditation to learn the art of Witnessing.


When you come home from work tonight, are you going to kiss your wife like she is an employee? Or when you kiss your husband before you go to bed, are you going to kiss him like he is your child? In other words, take your boss hat off before you kiss your wife... or when you get in bed with your husband, take your mommy hat off. I call this meditation when you remember to take one hat off before you put another hat on. Osho preferred the word "Interlude." For Osho, meditation is that naked space you live in when you take one hat off before you put another hat on! In fact, I 'think' I remember Osho recommending that you take a shower between two roles you are playing until you get the knack of being naked.


Simply click on the arrow below to continue reading about your hatless hat.

 hat osho cake

Love is, Krishna Prem


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My body is now 73 years old… But as I feel much younger, I go by my Osho age of 43.

When I met Osho, it was just before my 30th birthday. In so many words, Osho said I was the biggest “crowd" he had ever met. That in my loneliness, I had invited everyone I ever loved to live with me… Without ever having said goodbye... In fact he said I was so busy in my mind that I needed Dynamic Meditation to let go of my old lovers so there would be enough room for my new man.

Being a scientist, I had a CAT scan of my mind.


As the medical results were in agreement with Osho’s meditation advice, I threw myself into a 21 day dynamic cleaning of my mind of old attachments.

My next CAT scan after 21 dynamic meditation days indicated the noise in my mind quieted and I was able to make music in the moment with my new lover.

Prelude du fornication

I became such a great lover that I began to get tantra lessons with no one less than the man upstairs.


I know what you are thinking… Krishna Prem is about to announce his next book will be a commentary on Osho’s masterpiece Tantra, the Supreme Understanding.

Becoming a Tantrican, as funny as it may sound, has lead me into my Aloneness. I am now polishing my new book which will be in the bookstores everywhere in the spring…


So please understand this is my last Gee You Are You Newsletter for the time being while I hang out with myself as I ‘right’ my second book... No need to cry... Simply follow me on Facebook as I will continue to post on Facebook often to keep us all from becoming too serious. My Facebook page is If we are not friends already, simply click on the FOLLOW BUTTON and we will always be in touch.

Enjoy my Facebook post about Osho, me and his Dynamic Meditation... Just click on this link...

Osho Dynamic Meditation

I am also keeping a space open for you to do my Meditation Playshop over Skype… In the comfort of your living room… You can also be joined by a beloved… No worries… Just send me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details… I’d love to spend an hour or 2 with you in the privacy of your own home.

In closing, I just found this seven-second clip of myself in '77 in Music Group in Pune 1… At least I think it’s me as I do not recognise myself with so much hair.

Just click on this link... or the picture below


Love is, KP



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Beloved Friends, I am finally sending you my latest GURU newsletter. For over 5 years now, I have been saving our planet from taking herself seriously... through laughter... one newsletter at a time.

Please forgive me for taking so long to get back to you but i have been so busy doing nothing these last six months in the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India. As Osho reminds, "Don't Just Do Something. Sit there." 

In reality, I find it impossible to spend hours on Facebook and create a Newsletter at the very same time. Like most men, I am simply not good at multitasking!

But lately when I go to sleep at night, I have been dreaming about half my friends who love me and can't live if living is without me. It is for you, the better half, that I dedicate this newsletter.

Just today I got an OSHO Rebalancing massage session and i feel renewed and creative. And i am happy to be in touch with u'all again.
So forgive me for being a lazy camel... but even animals have a sharp wit.

An elephant asks a camel: "Why are your breasts on your back?"
"Well" says the camel, "I think that' s a strange question coming from somebody whose dick is on his face."

In my last life I was "God" spelt backward. As a "Dog" I overcame my sexual addictions. Maybe?

Now if it is possible for you get your mind out of the gutter, please consider reading my eBook 

Gee yoU aRe yoU.


Yes, Einstein was the greatest mind of my lifetime. And needless to say, Osho is the greatest no-mind of all my lifetimes. And Krishna Prem, what to say is certainly... never mind.  One time when I was sitting in front of Osho when he first moved to Pune, India, Osho hinted that I was the biggest crowd he had ever met... that in my loneliness I invited everyone I had ever loved and needed to live with me in my heart and mind. In fact, Osho said I invited so many friends and relatives to live in me that I checked out... that I was no longer present. Osho suggested I do the Kundalini Meditation daily and shake everyone out until there was space enough for me to reclaim my life.

I recently put my life with Osho as a Gee You Are You eBook for just $3.99 on Amazon and Apple because you may be just like me... you read Einstein, you lived Osho... and you are still in wonder of who you are... and just maybe you want to read a tale of this Cosmic Fool to help yourself wake up to the here and now... Enjoy, love is, kp


And now that I have your full attention, take a look at my serious side and see if you are close enough to JUMP into one of my Meditation Playshops.

Michael Mogul <you know me as Krishna Prem> is on his way to Dubai... to IIllumiations... for two Meditation Workshops Saturday the 27th January and Sunday the 28th January both from 6-9 pm. Please come if you in the Middle East... and if you have a friend in Dubai, please forward my invitation as I remain the new kid in town. I am so ready you!

Please reserve your space with

409, Fortune Executive Towers, Cluster T, Plot T1
Jumeirah Lake Towers, outside Dubai Marina Metro.
P.O Box 41752, Dubai, U.A.E
phone 04 4487043 | 04 3692254 | 050 910 4710
if you prefer a private session, I have a limited amount of 1 hour private sessions which you can book through Illuminations

Krishna Prem Meditation Workshop in Dubai

As the world turns, I enjoy that in the East, more and more friends love to call me Michael Mogul, while in Europe and America, friends jump at the chance to call me Krishna Prem. Personally I agree with with Bob Dylan in his song, "Gotta Serve Somebody" when he sings,  "You may call me anything but no matter what you say. You’re gonna have to serve somebody, yes indeed." So you can call me Krishna Prem, you can call me KP. You can call me Michael, you might call me Mikey. But I am going to serve Osho.
 April finds me leaving Pune for Europe... here is a taste of my Mediation Playshops for the spring... Join me if it's easy... Easy is right. Or invite me to your hometown... My mantra is "Have Meditation, Will Travel."
Sunday April 8 finds me at De Roos in Amsterdam. For me, De Roos is the Meditation Hub of Amsterdam. Please contact De Roos for details Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel. +31 (0)20 – 6890081 <You might remember Frank Klank, the guy just to my left on the picture below, who works and leads sound meditations at De Roos.>

The last weekend in April finds me in Portugal with my beloved friend Darshan as my host… Please contact for the juicy details.
The first Sunday in May I am in Berlin at the Osho Studio with Krisana and Ali…I  feel blessed to be back in Berlin. I haven’t seen Krisana and Ali since we were all in bed together!
The weekend of May 12, I am flying to Bulgaria to promote my book Gee You Are You which is now in Bulgarian… And to lead a meditations and book signings… Fun… My host is Sajeev. By the way, my book in Bulgarian is called The Cosmic Joke!
May 21, I am in the north of the Netherlands in Groningen co-leading a day of Meditation and Tantra with my goddess friend Shashi. <On a personal note as not to confuse my past and present lovers, I am leading the meditation section and I will be in touch with you, when and if, I become a tantrican. I remain hopeful.> Please look up Shashi at…  Send me an email if you interested… In the picture below Shashi is on the bottom left and the rest of the girls are all lovers of mine in my next lifetime.
June finds me in America with no plans yet except to Trump some sense into my Homeland.
PLUS… Please visit as my website has been enriched by my friend Amano. Really you can spend the day with me on my website… Thank you Amano… And thank You for reading this newsletter to the very bottom.
Love is, kp

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"A Lucky Dog"

I was reborn on Valentine's Day, 1973, in the desert outside of Mumbai, India, at the tender age of 29. Sitting alone in front of Osho, he asked simply how I felt... I wanted to say I felt enlightened but what burst out of mouth is, "I feel lucky." I felt very much the fool but Osho's laughter helped me relax. And he said, "Stay with me as long as you feel lucky." Forty-three years later I still feel lucky and I am still here in the Buddhafield. Over the weekend, I renewed my lucky me at Sannyas Celebration together with good friends who also feel blessed. We celebrated 175 years of love for OSHO... What a celebration. Yes that's Sam <age 37> in the middle of the action, next to Geeta <40>, Anando <25> from Russia, Mallika <12> from Aus, Manjula <0> from Italy and Max <13> from Brazil, rounding out the magnificent seven.

Loving Osho is easy compared to loving you... For me, loving you remains risky... I am still learning to trust my heart.

By now I know more about loving our extended Osho family then I do about my birth family... But hopefully that is about to change. In April I will travel back to the States for a family wedding. My enlightenment is about to be challenged big time.

I just came across an old picture of my family... That's me... Michael, the Virgin, on the far left. My younger brother Brian of hypnosis fame is on the far right. Brian studied with Dr. Milton Erickson and has taught here at the OSHO International Meditation Resort. Check Brian out

By the way all of my sisters in the above picture have since left their bodies... I have been blessed with loving sisters... And I have been touched by sadness as well. Please take a moment to read a story I wrote weaving my sisters that I have loved with Osho's loving guidance. This story is featured in The Osho News Online Magazine. It is called, "Your Goose is Out." May be a better title would have been, "Older sisters are wicked Zen Masters." Enjoy.

Thank you Snoppy for putting a smile back into my newsletter.

Before I hit the States, I will renew my love affair with Amsterdam at De Nieuwe Yoga School... Being in Amsterdam is very humbling as all my friends there are giants. The Dutch are the tallest people in the world and I would feel terribly small if it wasn't for meditation... And a big ego... <Just kidding about the meditation part.>

Be there or be square: Saturday Night 26 March 2016 from 7-10pm in Amsterdam.

Go to to sign up and get more info.

Below is a picture of my tall friends of De Nieuwe Yoga School to prove my tall tale.

Here is a personal invitation to my Meditation Playshops around the world... Please forgive me if I look a little uptight. I am usually loose and natural but for some unknown reason I put my sweatshirt on backwards before the video shoot. Oh well... Just push my button to witness my uptightness.

While I am in the States, I will lead my Meditation Playshop in Toronto for my friend Amrito Bhattaral on the weekend of April 22-24. If you are in Toronto contact Amrito through his Facebook page. I will also be in Raleigh, North Carolina April 30-May 1 to lead a Playshop and Meditation Intensive. I will co-lead the intensive with Isa and Malika who will without doubt teach this old dog some new meditation techniques... Our host is Swami Raman... Please go to for details.

Flash forward... If you are in Istanbul, Turkey in May 11-13, jump to I will co-leading a Meditation Camp with my friend Mareechi Asu.

Allow me to thank you will a passionate kiss from one of my more recent past lives, love is, kp

PS... My good friend Terry just spent two weeks in the OSHO International Meditation Resort practicing martial arts... And also relaxing after his workout when he caught up with me for a cosmic gossip... I am pleased to share this video with you! Simply click on the hollow bamboo.



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