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Sex is a natural way of meditation


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I have great eyes... I can see clearly now... As I am a spiritually advanced seeker, I can even see the future as if it is right now... even in my dreams I can do it... for example, here is a dream I will be having thirty years from tonight.

In my dream, Ma Deva Coconut and Ma Paris Hilton, two 'senior' widows, are talking.

Paris: "That sexy enlightened humble Krishna Prem asked me out for a date. I know you went out with him last week, and I wanted to talk with you about him before I give him my answer."

Coconut: "Well, I'll tell you. He showed up at my room in the Osho Guesthouse punctually at 9 P.M., dressed like such a gentleman in a fine Armani three piece robe, and he brought me such beautiful flowers! Then, he took me out for dinner at Zorba’s Restaurant, and such a marvelous dinner it was lobster flavored tofu, champagne, dessert, and after dinner drinks. Then we went to see a show in the Osho Multiversity Plaza. Let me tell you Paris, I enjoyed it so much I could have just died from pleasure! So then, we came back to his room in Osho House and he turned into an ANIMAL.

Completely crazy, he tore off my expensive new Prada robe, and had his way with me two times!"

Paris: "Goodness gracious! So, are you are telling me I shouldn't go out with him?"

Coconut: "No, no, no, I'm just saying, wear an old robe!"

I'm not against sex, so don't be in a hurry that you have to drop it. If you WANT to drop it, how can you understand it? And if you DON'T understand it, it will never disappear! And when it disappears, it is not that sex is simply cut off from your being, it is not that you become a non-sexual being. When sex disappears, in fact you become more sensuous than ever, because the whole energy is absorbed by your being. A Buddha is more sensuous than you are. When HE smells, he smells more intensely than you smell. When HE touches, he touches more totally than you touch. When he looks at the flowers, he sees the flowers more beautiful than you can see -- because his whole sexual energy has spread all over his senses. It is no longer localized in the genitals; it has gone all over the body. Hence, Buddha is so beautiful -- the grace, the unearthly grace -- from where is it coming? It is SEX -- transformed, transfigured.

It is the same mud that you were decrying and condemning which has become a lotus flower. So never be against sex; it is going to become your lotus flower. And when sex is really transfigured, then you understand what a great gift sex was from God to you. It is your whole life; it is your whole energy. On the lower planes, on the higher planes -- it is the only energy you have got. So don't carry any antagonism, otherwise you will become repressive. And a man who represses cannot understand. And a man who cannot understand is never transfigured, never transformed.


I am pleased to say as a mature meditator, I am now celibate three weeks a month... to understand my personal growth here is a recent article first published in the Osho Viha Connection Magazine.

What is it about Krishna Prem that makes me want to wear the right underwear just to share pizza and beer and help him get a handle on his writing project? I knock on his door and enter the mellow atmosphere of his room in the commune, situated in Pune’s Upper East Side. Hearing his voice of welcome (“Hi Girl!”), I know it is because 22 years ago we met in the California desert and the sweet flirtation has never stopped. Krishna’s playfulness simply allows me to be relaxed around him. In fact, had it ever become a “let’s go for it” situation, he would have been afraid. That’s the kind of guy he is.

Lolita: What is behind your nature? I mean on an earthly level.

Krishna: I feel blessed. My mother left her body when I was one year old, actually, before I was one... The good news was that at that moment I had four sisters old enough to be teenage mothers. I feel blessed that I had so much young sisterly love in my life; from the very beginning I’ve been in love with women. My fear still centers around what I’d do if one wanted to take me home forever, but I’ve never been confused about loving women. It’s great not to have a mother... you know what I mean?

Having no mother changes many things in your conditioning. For example, I was raised by one sister and my father, and as a child I would watch them fight and then go to separate rooms. In my world, fights didn’t resolve with sex. Now some of my friends say that the best sex is after a fight. I don’t know. It doesn’t happen like that for me.

Lolita: Is there a “best sex” for you?

Krishna: Everybody has their own formula about sex. Sex is sex is sex. Here’s where I feel really blessed. In this life, sex has been my pay in our “commune play”... to the point where I have no fantasies left. And that’s really a major thing for a man. So, in fact, I’m overpaid.

Lolita: Are you sure you have no fantasies left?

Krishna: Thank you, Lolita. I want to feel that way, but in fact I’m feeling human again as you ask me that question. It’s an old pattern of mine to paint life working, so that I feel I have something to share about sex. Or even love for that matter.

Lolita: So say something straight right now.

Krishna: I fell in love with a Master who is in love with women. There is simply no way I would have had so many lovers without Osho. I knew it was a blessing...all these beautiful women who came to Him... It wasn’t like I attracted them. He attracted them. In my whole life I never looked in the mirror and said, “She needs me.” When I met Osho, I met five thousand buddhas who looked like sisters to me!

One deceptive thing about me is that I look like a man, but I’m not so sure. Having been born in a family with so much female energy, sometimes I act like a woman. For example, when the going gets tough, I go shopping! But a long time ago I decided I was not willing to make the same “mistake” as my father, who had a knack for creating a rival sibling every three times he made love. So, I got my tubes tied and went to bed with all of my sannyas sisters.

And through this abundance of women in my life (due to Osho), and through my acceptance of women as friends, I’ve reached the psychological highlight where it’s okay if I’m a bad fuck! I wish I could say that sex has dropped me. In fact, it hasn’t. And to balance this statement, I also have to say that sex is not my boss anymore either.

Lolita: We’ve all heard that a man thinks about sex every three minutes, and a woman every six. I am wondering how it is for you at this point.

Krishna: Well, Krishna is up to four minutes now! As a young man I used to be hard before my female friend knocked on the door. Now I get hard after she leaves. In between these two experiences is a moment of balance. In those moments, I celebrate with a cup of tea and a cuddle.

I guess every man in midlife asks himself, “Do I miss the drive?” The answer is yes. My sexual drive is no longer a primal scream. Now sex is as much a thank you as a tension reliever.

Lolita: And what about the fear around relationship?

Krishna: It has taken my whole life to understand this – that women want a main course from a man. They want to be taken seriously. They want steak and potatoes, and all I could ever be was a friend; I could only offer tiramisu. Now I understand.

I’m in a relationship right now. Her name is Jwala, which means fire. This relationship is burning me up. It scares me. My beloved was brought up by four brothers and no father. And that’s where we regress, directly into two kids that need each other.

The difference I see between sex and relationship is that relationship puts me in the unknown. Right now love helps me to live there – otherwise I’d run.

Lolita: Is superconcsiousness awakening for you?

Krishna: It’s easier for me now to be superconscious than sexy. In fact, as I am watching myself say all this, I can hear myself telling all the women I’ve been with: Thank you. And to all the women who said no: I’m coming back as a blonde Gina Lollobrigida (Osho’s favorite) in my next life – I won’t be available!

As one of Osho’s friends who still lives in Pune, in the resort itself, I find it difficult to use the word “superconscious” without thinking I am competing with the Master. But if superconsciousness means being aware that you’ve been touched by the Master and his female disciples, then this does describe me, and I feel grateful.

And I also feel quite mature, even though this expression grows out of a history of being premature all my life. But who I am now is not interested in being premature or mature. Now in my life I’m always watching the point where I tip, looking for the place where I am neither one. This is what I call aloneness. Ironically, sex is not my door to enlightenment, but my door to aloneness. It is no longer a biological thing, but a way of getting into my aloneness. Sex has helped me to be alone.

When I speak about sex to friends now, the conversation has just as much to do with the peaks and valleys of relating as to wrestling with the eternal esoteric question of tits and ass. The beloved helps me to fall in love with myself as well. And I am still thrilled to say that I didn’t learn all my lessons about being a man on the football field – I’d rather touch you than touchdown!


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