Krishna Prem

“Death is the greatest fiction” - Osho


A friend of mine named Disha just left her body suddenly at the age of 36. The first word out of this great meditator’s mind was “SHIT”.


Death looks ugly to you because you have never known life, and death creates fear in you because you are afraid of life.

Remember, whatsoever your attitude towards life, your attitude towards death will be the same. If you are scared of death you are scared of life; if you love life, you will love death, because death is nothing but the highest peak, the completion. The song reaches its end, the river falls into the ocean. The river came from the ocean in the first place. Now the circle is complete, the river has arrived at the whole.


Its simply not easy writing a light hearted newsletter whose motto is to “be a joke unto yourself” when a young friend dies…yes maybe I laugh out loud in life’s face, but death simply just doesn’t turn me on. What did turn me on was the fragrance that was somehow released when Disha left her body. It was exquisite and full of abundant love. All over the planet Disha’s friends connected and cried and celebrated together. Her death took us all deeper into our own lives.

Something from her will, which was read by Rafia at her death celebration helped me to breathe again, “In case of my death I wish my body to be cremated with a joyous gathering of my friends… with lots of music, creativity and meditation. Bhakta can choose the music I love and if there is time and friends around, I like the idea of my casket being painted by all my friends. Spend money from my bank account to make it a yummy, abundant and aesthetic party.”


Death becomes the ultimate celebration if your life is a celebration


I first met Disha as an eight year old little girl, full of love and unawareness, in Poona. Disha had met another little girl in the first day of public school in Germany… and as the story goes, when her mother Nandan asked her what she learned in school today, Disha said, I met a friend in school who is alive and fun and is dressed in orange and who has a picture of Osho around her neck, and I want you take me to India right away to meet this Osho.

Disha took sannyas…became a friend of Osho…even before her mom.

Over the years, I saw Disha turn into a woman and a friend of mine… in the Path of Love group, she was even my “therapist” … never “the rapist”… ever so loving and laughing at and with me… not that I would have minded being raped by her.

When the group was over… and we were no longer therapists or participants, simply friends deep cleaning the group room for the next "game" to begin, I remember a moment that I will always cherish… a moment when 100 friends worked and laughed together as human beings, not human doers… therapy was not happening, cleaning was not happenings… just life, love and laughter erupting in joy.

Giggling, Disha asked me if I would like to staff the next Path of Love group. Instead of saying yes (which I what I later did and loved), I answered that in the moment I didn’t have plan… actually I cracked a joke… I said, “Disha, how do you make God laugh?” When she said I don’t know, I said, “Tell Him you have a plan.”

Disha howled out loud… and corrected me… she said, “Make that Tell HER you have a plan.”

When I turned 25 years old as a sannyasin, I was now about Disha’s body age. I threw a party at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Poona proper, and invited 500 of my best friends… including you… to my birthday bash. As part of the evening’s entertainment, I came out of retirement and performed with the Spice Boys rock group one last time… I was known as Old Spice. Then as a surprise special guest, my good friend Abhijat arranged for Disha to serenade me with her sexy, leggy rendition of “I’m your Barbie gal.” I nearly creamed in my pants.

For me, sannyas has always been a game of leapfrog… one minute Krishna Prem is hot, the next minute Disha has a moment and leaps over me… Disha is one of my favorite frogs in this, our extended family… I am touched by her love and her longing… and when this little frog said Shit, Disha leaped over me and melted in love and aloneness into existence.

I love you Disha whether you are here or Here… thank you from the bottom of my heart… what a dish… you touched so many hearts… love, kp

If you want to know more about Disha, two friends of Disha put up websites in her honor…I was personally amazed at the amount of life energy surrounding her death…

Check out our Disha and her extended family and


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