Krishna Prem

Animals are Us


High Friends, Magic. Concentrate and keep looking long enough…and you will see me, Krishna Prem, as a wild animal in a past life.

In this very lifetime, I just arrived back home in the Osho Meditation Resort in Poona, India. It was not so easy this time around…it took a “weak” to let go of my adopted hometown of “Amsterdamned” and say hello to Poona… but now that I have unpacked and played an hour of tennis and sat in the Osho Auditorium, I feel more grounded.

Right now the resort is filling up…the pool is heated, the Osho Auditorium is cooled…and in the brand new cappuccino bar, today’s gossip, tomorrow’s gospel, can be heard just above the laughter… the Osho Meditation Resort remains a meeting place of friends. Come when its easy, when its right… for me the word “and” comes to mind… its no longer, Poona or Munich, its now Poona and Munich… the feeling now in the resort… for me that is… is that you can take a “fool” course meal of let go and meditation to go back home with you.

There is no need to leave the world. The world is a perfectly good place -- as a fire test. What is needed is to go in, not to go somewhere out. Once and for all it should be clear that the future of religion cannot depend on the escapists. The authentic religious man will live in the world without being disturbed by all kinds of disturbances. He will be simply a watcher, unperturbed. In fact the world is a good place because it gives you an opportunity to test your silence, your meditativeness, your watchfulness. Be in the world but don't be of it. Be in the world but don't let the world be in you


So from one animal to another… love, kp


An elephant asks a camel: "Why are your breasts on your back?"



"Well" says the camel, "I think that' s a strange question coming from somebody whose dick is on his face."


In those whom I like,
I can find no common denominator;
in those whom I love I can:
they all make me laugh. 
- W.H. Auden



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