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In the past, my defining moment of a near death experience was the taxi roller coaster ride between Mumbai and The OSHO Meditation Resort. Full of jet lag and overweight luggage, I entered my taxi with the thought that thank heavens my plane didn't crash land on arrival and prayed that my taxi wouldn't fly off that road just like the overturned trucks, one after another, lying in the valleys below me as my taxi crawled over the hill stations on my way home. And every time, just as I began to doze off, my driver (invariably) saw his chance to pass eleven trucks all at once...from the inside lane. Horns blasting, my neck whipped me back into attention. Believe me, if you managed to relax on that didn't need to take it in the first place. As Osho reminds us, "The journey is the goal".

Now that India is topping a billion in population, give or take a hundred million fellow travellers, Mother India is not getting into the birth control business, but has chosen instead to improve her highway infrastructure. So now the old death trap has become a highway. The jet lag is still real. The taxis still pass on the wrong side of logic and the trucks still only get flat tires on the passing lane or flat tops in the valley below...but my chances of arriving alive and unwell are now better then 50/50.

Amazingly, what I discovered about myself, is that I remained more alert and in the moment when my body was threatened on the old road, but now that I feel safe on the new highway, my mind kicks in like never before.


“The problem with modern man is that we have forgotten the language of silence, we have forgotten the way of the heart. We have completely forgotten that there is a life which can be lived through the heart. We are too much hung up in the head, and because we are too much in the head we cannot make any sense out of love."

- Osho    


When my mind goes into overdrive, I tend to get totally depressed…and I consider taking the new designer drug below.

Thanks to Osho, I took the natural high road of meditation.

“Freedom is the ultimate experience of life. 
There is nothing higher than that. 
And out of freedom many flowers blossom in you. 
Love is the flowering of your freedom. 
Compassion, another flowering of your freedom. 
All that is valuable in life flowers in the innocent, natural state of your being. 

So don't connect freedom with independence. Independence is naturally from something, from somebody. Don't connect freedom with doing things that you want to do, because that is your mind, not you. Wanting to do something, desiring to do something, you are in the bondage of your wanting and your desiring. 

But the freedom I have been talking about you simply are -- in utter silence, serenity, beauty, bliss."

- Osho    

To be honest, even choosing mediation over drugs, I often feel like I'm snooping around.

In closing, I just want to say I really enjoy sending out this little newsletter to you all. And I came to find out recently that many friends didn't receive my last g.u.r.u. newsletter as I am computer illiterate.

So two reminders, please feel free to email this newsletter on to your friends who are Osho lovers…and if you did not see my sadhu friend below, please click onto the link below him to see the newsletter you missed as it is a gem.

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Love is the answer, kp


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