Krishna Prem

“Melting in Love”

“Love melts the frozen self. The self is like an ice cube, love is like the morning sun. The warmth of love...and the self starts melting. The more you love yourself the less you will find of the self in you, and then it becomes a great meditation, a great leap into God.” Osho

Let’s face it, its not easy being a man, especially if you are like me. I have grown old without growing up. It is difficult for me to admit that my ‘small brain’ is still my boss. I have decided to use my newsletter to expose myself in public on behalf of all men, once and for all, in order to grow in love and awareness. My understanding is that if I come clean with you gals, the truth will set me free. To begin with, let me show you a recent CAT scan of my brain. Observe what is on my mind morning, noon and night.

“Love yourself, love immensely, and in that very love your pride, your ego and all that nonsense, will disappear. And when it has disappeared your love will start reaching to other people. And it will not be a relationship but a sharing. And it will not be an object/subject relationship but a melting, a togetherness. It will not be feverish; it will be a cool passion. It will be warm and cool together. It will give you the first taste of the paradoxicalness of life.” Osho

Really gals, you have no idea how difficult it is to think hard and straight and have my mind on my machinery at the same time…


In all seriousness, it took me years to grow my balls back after my last serious ‘relationshit.’

“Whenever you say ‘I love you’ to a person, the love is lost. The love has already gone because the lover has come in. How can love exist when the division, the manager, has come in? It is the mind which says ‘I love you,’ because, really, in love there is no I and no thou. In love there are no individuals. Love is a melting, a merging, they are not two.” Osho

Really my last good relationship was lifetimes ago as a squirrel living in Central Park in New York City. I was head over nuts in love.

In all seriousness, it took me years to grow my balls back after my last serious 'relationshit'.

Ladies, on behalf of all immature men worldwide, I truly hope I have a snowball's chance in hell in growing up and earning your respect.


“When two persons are happy, they become one. That's why in love oneness happens and lovers start feeling that they are not two. They are two, but they start feeling they are not two because in love they are so happy that a melting happens. They melt into each other; they flow into each other. Boundaries dissolve, definitions are blurred, and they don't know who is who. In that moment they become one. When you are happy, you can flow into others and you can allow others to flow in you: this is what celebration means. When you allow everybody to flow in and you flow into everybody, you are celebrating life. And celebration is the greatest prayer, the highest peak of meditation.”


Laughter is, Krishna Prem


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