Krishna Prem


Hello Friends, are not these beloved Otters holding hands a beautiful example of intimacy?

“People are afraid of deep intimacy. People's love affairs are just hit-and-run affairs. They don't go deep into each other's being because going deep into each other's being, the fear is there - because the other's pool of being will reflect you. In that pool, in that mirror of the other's being, if you are not found, if the mirror remains empty, if it reflects nothing, then what? Intimacy simply means that the doors of the heart are open for you, you are welcome to come in and be a guest.” Osho

When I close my eyes and imagine being intimate with a friend, more often then not I find myself doing mental gymnastics, with intimacy being the furthest thing from my mind.

“Sex is meaningful only when out of lust, love is born. Love is meaningful only when out of love, prayer is born. If your sex remains just sexuality, a circular repetition, a mechanical thing that you go on doing, then you will remain meaningless. Because sex is your energy; it has to be transformed. It is very crude, it is raw material. Much has to be done on it. It is a raw diamond. You have to cut it, you have to polish it, you have to give it a shape and a form. You have to give it beauty. It depends on you.” Osho

I am making a conscious decision from this moment on to discover the difference between me and the entire opposite sex.


“Relationship becomes a mirror. The woman starts looking into you and starts finding her own masculine part; the man looks into the woman and starts discovering his own femininity. And the more you become aware of your feminine - the other pole - the more whole you can be, the more integrated you can be. When your inner man and your inner woman have disappeared into each other, have become dissolved into each other, when they are no longer separate, when they have become one integrated whole, you have become an individual.” Osho

I don’t want this to happen to me in my “older” age. I promise to be even more loving then I already am…starting tomorrow!

“Tantra says: Awareness is the way. Indulgence is mechanical, repression is mechanical; both are mechanical things. The only way out of mechanical things is to become aware, alert. Don't go to the Himalayas, bring a Himalayan silence within you. Don't escape, become more awake.” Osho

I am determined to change my position…and be more loving and intimate from this moment…after all, I am love…Krishna Prem

“Sex does not touch you at all. It is mechanical. It is just physiological. Love brings your heart into relationship - and when the heart is in relationship there is always pain. But don't avoid the pain. If you avoid the pain, you will miss all pleasures of life.” Osho


Laughter is, Krishna Prem


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