Krishna Prem

“Women are from Venus, Men are from Penus”

In a past life, I was in an impossible relationship with a gal named Eve… I simply couldn’t figure her out… God came to my rescue.

“It is good that neither men understand women, nor women understand men. There is no need for knowledgeability. What is needed is enough space for each other, so that your secrets and your mysteries remain hidden. It is because of that mystery that you have fallen in love. If you demystify the woman, the love may also disappear.” Osho

I became so obsessed with my new machinery that I reincarnated as a rabbit…

In my next reincarnation, I was again born in a man’s body… but I became a priest and gave my best to repress my sexual energy until that fateful day…

A group of monks sat in the great hall of a monastery and copied down holy scriptures day after day and year after year. One day a new monk arrived to the monastery; he was more curious and more eager to gain new knowledge than the others. He saw that for centuries monks had copied copies written by earlier scribes, so that nobody had seen the authentic scripts for times immemorial. He went to the abbot and asked where the original manuscripts were held and was taken into a great vault in the basement of the monastery. The abbot left the monk to study the manuscripts alone in peace.

After a long day the abbot started to wonder what had happened to the young monk, who hadn't come back from the manuscript vault. He went down and found the monk crying and banging his head against the wall. "What's the matter? What has happened?, the abbot requested. The monk answered: "Oh, those stupid analphabets! It is "celebrate", not "celibate”.

Now that I am free to celebrate, I decided to become a scientist to figure out exactly what makes a woman tick…

“The only difference between man and woman is this: that the woman has the consciousness of a woman and the unconscious of a man, and the man has the consciousness of a man and the unconscious of a woman. But BOTH are both!” Osho

When it finally dawned on me that I couldn’t figure out the female species I began to relax in not knowing. It was like music to my ears…

“Men and women are different worlds; hence it is difficult to understand each other. And the past has been full of misunderstandings, but that is not necessarily to be so in the future. We can learn a lesson from the past, and the only lesson is that man and woman have to become more understanding of each other and more accepting of each other's differences. Those differences are valuable, they need not create any conflict; in fact, they are the causes of attraction between them. If all the differences between men and women disappear, if they have the same kind of psychology, love will also disappear because the polarity will not be there. Man and woman are like negative and positive poles of electricity: they are pulled towards each other magnetically; they are opposite poles. Hence, conflict is natural. But through understanding, through compassion, through love, through looking into the other's world and trying to be sympathetic to it, all the problems can be solved. There is no need to create more conflict - enough is enough.” Osho

After many lifetimes of unrequited love, I am now completely surrendered to the opposite sex… and have finally come to grips with the secret of evolution…

I don’t trust my own enlightenment, especially when it comes to women, so I woke up my good old friend Genie… and put it to him quite simply, how can I make myself irresistible to the modern Eve… and without hesitation, he whipped the wisdom of the ages on me…

In all seriousness, are you aware that there is more money being spent on breast implants and Viagra today than on Alzheimer's research. This means that by 2040, you will be a citizen of a large elderly population with perky boobs and huge erections with absolutely no recollection of what to do with them.

Laughter is, Krishna Prem

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