Krishna Prem

"Give Change A Chance"

A funny thing happened to me while I was visiting the United States… I voted for the first time in my life… I simply felt I had no choice. I dropped into to Barack Obama’s office and registered to vote and then went over to city hall to vote early before I changed my mind… while I was at Obama’s office, my picture was taken and put squarely on the front page of the Orlando Sentinel Newspaper for all to see.

My worst nightmare was that if I didn’t vote for Obama, he would lose the state of Florida by just one vote… and I didn’t want to take a chance… I kept having a reoccurring dream that this would happen.

Watch my worst nightmare here by placing your mouse over Obama’s picture… and click.

Florida is in the deep south and in rural America ‘outhouses’ are still in use… and when it became necessary to do my business, I considered running for political office.

Thanks heavens, the outhouse had electricity and I could relax and take a moment to collect myself and say a little prayer.

While I took a moment to collect my thoughts… I often get inspiration in the bathroom… I came up with a great a idea for a new emblem for America.

Laughter is, Krishna Prem.

“Relax and destroy the split that society has created in you. Say only that which you mean. Act according to your own spontaneity, never bothering about consequences. It is a small life and it should not be spoiled in thinking about consequences here and hereafter. One should live totally, intensely, joyously and just like an open book, available for anybody to read it. Of course you will not make a name in the history books. But what is the point in making a name in the history books? Live, rather than think of being remembered. You will be dead. Millions of people have lived on the earth and we don't know even their names. Accept that simple fact: that you are here for only a few days and then you will be gone. These few days are not to be wasted in hypocrisy, in fear. These days have to be rejoiced. Nobody knows anything about the future. Your heaven and your hell and your God are most probably all hypotheses, unproved. The only thing that is in your hands is your life -- make it as rich as possible. By intimacy, by love, by opening yourself to many people, you become richer. And if you can live in deep love, in deep friendship, in deep intimacy, with many people, you have lived rightly, and wherever you happen to be... you have learned the art; you will be living there, too, happily.”



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