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Tiger or Cheetah...The Truth About

It’s time to look at my life again as a man… am I any different than Tiger?… or am I a Cheetah?… am I the new man or the old animal?

It’s a tough call… the first thing I did to find the real me was to look for answers on the internet… I Googled Tiger’s two best friends for their take on relationships. The truth is in the stars.

It is difficult for me as a man to judge Tiger because I have been wrestling with sex addiction for lifetimes both as a man and as an animal.

It wasn’t until as a grown man when I was parking in my car that I realized prostitution was not all that it had been cracked up to be… that I was looking for love in all the wrong place.

I was making love like a gymnast trying to satisfy myself and losing weight at the same time.

“Remember, First, you have a misunderstanding about man's nature. You think, as many people in the world think, that man is polygamous, and the woman is monogamous... that the woman wants to live with one man, to love one man, to devote and dedicate herself totally to one man, but man is different in nature -- he wants to love other women too, at least, once in a while. The reality is: both are polygamous. The woman has been conditioned by man for thousands of years into thinking that she is monogamous. And man is very cunning; he has exploited the woman in many ways. One of the ways is: he has been telling her that man is, by nature, polygamous. All the psychologists, all the sociologists are agreed upon the fact that man is polygamous; and none of them says the same thing about woman.
My own understanding is that both are polygamous. If a woman does not behave in a polygamous way, it is nurture, not nature. She has been utterly conditioned so long that the conditioning has gone into her very blood, into her bones, into her very marrow."



Of course, I can’t help but think that when you are caught red handed that prayer is the answer…

"Prayer for Dad"

This is just too beautiful not to share…

Dear God,

Please send clothes for all those poor ladies

on dad's computer. Amen.

And when your prayers are not answered, might I suggest burying yourself in yoga.

And finally, meditation is the way…

“As far as I am concerned and my concept of the new man and new woman is concerned, there should be equal opportunity for both. Not that you are the master and your woman is your slave; that she can remain satisfied with you, and you can go, once in a while, fooling around the neighborhood. She has every right to fool around in the same neighborhood! And there is no need to feel guilty; you have to help her not to feel guilty. It is a very strange phenomenon that woman's liberation will be man's liberation, too; their slavery is together. Because you don't allow your woman to be free, how can she allow you to be free? Freedom has to be, from both sides, a precious value -- loved, recognized, respected.”



Love and laughter, from Krishna Prem, the only ‘snow’ man you can trust!

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