Krishna Prem

My body is still here with me in it. A sweet feeling. My body turns 68 years young as you read this newsletter, but it does not go without notice that I am now ten years older than Osho when he left his body. In honor of Osho, I live my life as Hilary Cooper so beautifully suggests, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

On this birthday, I found myself looking at my life from almost the beginning to almost the end. As a young man I felt I could do anything. I wasn’t so much a human being as a human doer. I featured myself as a multitasker to the max. I could do anything.

I was so good in my body, I developed super powers as a teenager.

I tried my best being in the world, but I was miserable at it. I did the whole boy/girl thing to no avail…




I turned to religion to save me.

Thank Heavens I bumped into Osho in Goa, India on the hippy trail… I found a pebble on the beach with Osho’s ten non-commandments on it and I headed straight to Pune to the OSHO International Meditation Resort… and I have been there ever since.

As my body gets older, my eyes find it difficult to focus on the opposite sex. More than ever I need to rely on my imagination. How about you? 

So pretty please, check your eyesight at least once a year.

It’s simply not easy getting older.

In preparation for my cremation, please print out the below form and fill in your appropriate feeling for me and bring it along to Osho Auditorium and throw it on my fire.

Here is my note to myself.

But not so fast. I just had my prostate checked by my gynecologist and she says I am still in great shape.

But all good things must come to an end. What goes up must come down. At least that what my rickshaw driver taught me.

Gee You Are You, The Book

Krishna Prem here. I am thrilled to announce the birth of my book, Gee You Are You, my journey from here to here. My book is the guts behind this newsletter. Please write to me if you have trouble ordering “me” and I will make it right. Just control and click on the link below.


And my friends in India can now order my book on-line: 

Love is, Krishna Prem


““There are heights beyond heights. Don't be contented: The spiritual search is an eternal discontentment, but it is sweet. The more discontented you are for new heights, more heights, the more fulfilled, the more fruitful and significant becomes your every breath. I can only show you the way, but you have to walk on it, alone - singing and dancing and always remembering that there is no place where you have to stop forever. It is good to have an overnight stop and wait for the beautiful dawn, and open your wings, because new heights are waiting for you. The pilgrimage is endless. This is one of the most fundamental things to understand - because all the religions have been teaching that there is a full stop; there comes a moment when you have reached and there is nowhere to go anymore. Life knows no full stop, it goes on and on. The full stop is only for those who are not courageous. Then just a little joy, a little light, a little song, suffices them. I would like my people never to be satisfied. To be unsatisfied about worldly things is meaningless - with the worldly things you can be satisfied - but to be satisfied with spiritual growth is committing suicide. Contentment with the world and discontentment for God is the way.”


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