Krishna Prem

"Two Brothers from Different Mothers"

I met Krishnananda at Geetam Rajneesh Sannyas Ashram in California some 30-odd years ago… and right away I felt that we were brothers from different mothers. Not only that… he felt like my older brother even though I have many years on him. Chalk it up to his maturity. But to be honest, at first I didn’t trust him completely as my therapist…

… that was until Krishnananda fell in love with his life partner, Amana. Very simply, I grew up with no mother and four older sisters and I always check out who the women I admire fall in love with.

I am pleased to say that I am in the process of going beyond the fear of relationships… at least I read the book from “uncover to uncover.” Reading Stepping Out of Fear left me feeling emotionally naked. Be aware if you want to be here!

“It strikes me that one of the deepest questions we face is how to break the old patterns that keep us from experiencing love and joy. Without the second step, it is possible to get lost in these wounds because what stands between us and love and joy is not just that we have unhealed wounds but that we are identified with them. We repeat our old patterns because we carry a wounded self-image and we believe that this is who we are. We are identified with a wounded "emotional child" inside. When we are in the child state of mind, when we are in the grips of our emotional child, it is as though we are living in a bubble. The wounded child is inside of this bubble trapped in all his or her beliefs and expectations. To relate consciously, we have to put the emotional child to the side and look clearly.” 

Krishnananda Trobe, MD, with Amana Trobe

Plus being in the group room with Krishnananda and Amana has helped me understand the difference between men and women.

And the respect my two beloveds therapists have for each other has helped me personally to get over my addiction to pornography.

Although Amana is quick to point out that I am a work in progress, I feel I am making great strides in being able to communicate with the opposite sex.

Really for me, Krishnananda and Amana are a combination of Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe... if you don’t believe me, get off your lazy ass and walk 5 feet back from your computer screen.

“Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.” Albert Einstein

To be perfectly honest, I must agree with Krishnananda that I am still having trouble with commitment.

But I feel like I have reached a certain level of maturity and I find it so damn easy to meditate with my namesake Krishnananda in the OSHO Auditorium... and let the truth shine through.

In Love and Laughter with You, Krishna Prem

Ps… Krishnananda, my psychiatrist, has a joke for you to enjoy… 

"A man goes to see a psychiatrist and after a lengthy session, the psychiatrist says, "Well, I have to say that in my professional opinion, you are crazy."
"What," responds the man, "I want a second opinion!"
"Okay," says the doctor, "you are also stupid."

If you would like a third opinion, please contact Krishnananda at  

Ps… You are invited to my new improved website at



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