Krishna Prem

"We're all just walking each other home" Ram Dass

So sweet to have great friends like my buddy below Batul... Batul was making a documentary about his life on the road when he stopped me along the path in Goa to interview me about our friendship... it’s worth 5 minutes of your time. Friendship always is. Yes it’s true Ram Dass, we are all just walking each other home.

“When the mind knows, we call it knowledge
When the heart knows, we call it love
When the being knows, we call it meditation.”


For a man that loves women as much as I do, I am deeply disappointed that 99% of my G.U.R.U. newsletter audience is male… so I have begun advertising my work in football stadiums worldwide… the truth is that God is a fan on Manchester United and the Devil wears Prada. Here is my first 30 second spot.

And during half time, I wholeheartedly knock the fans' socks off

“Be the center of the cyclone: that's exactly my teaching. The world IS a tale told by an idiot, full of fury and noise, signifying nothing. But it is very easy to get caught into the net, because the fool is not only outside, the fool is also inside. Your mind is part of the tale told by an idiot and your mind would like to find some meaning it it -- whereas none exists. The mind cannot remain without finding some meaning; if it cannot find, it invents it. Otherwise it feels empty, it feels something is missing. There is no meaning in the world; all meaning is in the very center of your being. The world is simply noise, there is no music. Music is in the deepest recesses of your being -- and that music has to be heard in all the noise of the world. Then the noise of the world functions as a backdrop, a background; it becomes a context. You can hear the inner music more clearly because of the noise. Then the noise is no longer a disturbance, rather a help. That's why I don't teach renunciation: I teach rejoicing.”


My Gee You Are You book is now in its second edition... so along with reprinting my tale, I am updating my book, improving the flow of the narrative without changing the feeling of my work… here is a quick update which appears at the end of my new G.U.R.U. second edition. Loving you as me, kp

A Quick Update 

I cannot believe you read this far… or did you skip to the bitter end to find out that I lived happily ever after? I can tell you one thing for sure that the death of your body as well as the death of your honeymoon are the only guarantees however taxing that may be… and that I realize now that aloneness is my home here on earth… and how sexy aloneness is. Aloneness is very attractive.  
I bring up the subject of aloneness as I trust you noticed that I have enjoyed the opposite sex this lifetime… and my love of women has lead me to more women… and at the tender age of sixty-nine I am now ready to be alone. Just as writing this book has introduced me to silence, just as a good life leads to acceptance of death, I can honestly add my bucket list is an empty pail for having lived totally. How sweet it is.  
At best I am God… or still better said I am God appearing as a boy from Boston… the worst case scenario is that I am God on an ego trip. Thus my life as well as yours remains a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.  
In breathing in I touch me as Existence and when I breathe out I touch me as this character Krishna Prem. In the gaps when breathing in stops, and in the moment when breathing out ends, silence exists. Being aware of silence is akin to soaking in a bathtub after a hard day… it really is the birth of creativity.   
I met my passion when my inner and outer life fell in love with each other and rediscovered that there is no such thing as separation. I am whole, not holy. Again my aim in writing this book was to not to be better or higher than you. I actually shot low. Maybe because I am sick of great men writing about being right… so I wrote… or should I say spoke a book that indicates for how low a man can go… and still say thank you.  
I do not know my fate. Presently I am still in my body, and as the written word lives on as a paperback and in cyberspace as an eBook, I trust you will toast me – or roast me depending on your reading of me.  
So just in case I go the way of all mortal men before we bump into each other, let me just say that I love you and trust that one day you will also know that we are not two… but one potato appearing as two fries. 
And the only way to know the truth is to be intimate with the unknowable… the truth, god, existence; the ultimate potato sees your eyes but cannot be seen. And when you come to this essential truth your third eye develops 20/20 vision. So from this very moment, take responsibility, and remember you are a human being appearing as a human doer… enjoy the journey… the journey is the goal.  
Indian Indians say Namaste, Native American Indians say I see you, and since the beginning of time the Mayans have said, “Lak'ech Ala K'in,” “I am you, and you are me.”   And a more recent version from when the Beatles proclaimed themselves more popular than Jesus, “I am you and you are and we are all together.”

Ps... I also lowered the price of my book and eBook substantially so don’t hesitate! If you order my book by April first I will sign it to you personally and mail it from India… the smell of Indian paper will flood you with memories!


I recently asked the Dalai Lama if he could review my book by answering one simple surprising question.

I understand that my newsletter is thorougly enjoyed by the illiterate so allow me to boil down my Gee You Are You book into one simple meditation... it is aptly called the third nostril meditation and if you are total, this meditation will allow you to see your soul mate... take a moment to stare at the dot of the woman or man of your dreams in the examples below... this is it!

It is important to meet a soul mate as quickly as possible because our modern Facebook reality is destroying intimacy... don’t you agree Jane?

I am now readying for Europe and America where I will spend the spring and summer leading my Meditation Playshop. Catch me if you can for an intimate evening of meditation and cosmic gossip. In this three hour 'Playshop' we will explore together the mysteries of life, love and meditation. Osho reminds that if you love my Work, call it a Play. I will announce on my Facebook page under Krishna Prem where to look out for me… for example, I will be in Berlin on June 9th!/events/134197400080896/ and Stockholm June 16th!/events/350936688355652 If you want me to visit your hometown, don’t be shy… invite me.

In my Playshop, I integrate Eastern meditation with the Western marketplace… thank you in advance for your applause.

Another good friend Subhuti just wrote and directed and starred in a play called “Shakespeare the Meditator about the Bard's famous tragedy Hamlet… or as this commoner KP puts it, “What would happen to Shakespeare if he met Osho along the way?”   

Allow me to leave you with a secret I know about you...

Love and laughter, KP

Ps… You are invited to my new improved website at



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