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Encounters with an Inexplicable Man: Stories of Osho as Told by his People - compiled and edited by Savita Brandts

Congratulations Savita… Savita is in the picture above just to my right… and here is a taste of Savita’s book… an interview with me, Krishna Prem

When the Shoe’s Snitched

I was in Poona, but about to go back to the United States, so I went to say goodbye in a ‘leaving darshan’. Osho had said to me on a previous occasion that I was to go to California and open a meditation center there for him, an idea that had been percolating for a long time, and now I wanted to ask him about it before leaving.

Darshan in 1975 was in Lao Tzu House on the car porch, an open area at the side of the house where Osho lived. Ten of us were going to sit with him one-to-one and I was scheduled to be the tenth.

It felt like an eternity before it was my turn but finally he looked at the boy in the ninth position and his eyes were so big, they overflowed onto me and I thought he was gesturing me to come forward. So, eagerly, I got up. Of course, it wasn’t my turn and he told me to have patience and I promptly sat down again. I was really embarrassed.

The ninth boy came to sit in front of Osho, and as soon as he sat down, he began to cry. And he wouldn’t stop crying. Osho waited, and finally broke the silence, saying, “What seems to be the problem?”

And the boy related this story: “I bought a brand new pair of sandals today, and when I got out of Kundalini meditation at 5.15, my sandals were gone!”

And then he seemed to burst into tears again.

Osho closed his eyes and when the boy stopped crying, opened his eyes and said to the young boy, “I can’t help you with your lost shoes, but what I can suggest is that tomorrow you go out and you buy another pair of sandals, and when you go to Kundalini meditation, you take one new sandal and you put it on the top middle shelf and then you take the other new sandal and you put it on the bottom shelf on the far left.”

And then he added: “No one ever steals one sandal.”

The boy’s tears turned to laughter, and Osho was beaming with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen in your life.

Then he reached out, took the boy’s hands and stood up, and did a tiny dance with him and then, still beaming, namasted everyone and walked out.

And that was the end of darshan. My number never arrived!


My short story is just one of the simple tales of the jolts and joys along the way to transformation that gives us an intimate glimpse into the relationship between this rare contemporary mystic, Osho… and some of his thousands of ‘sannyasins’, who came from all walks of life and several continents to live and work around him.

You can learn more Savita’s book as well as ordering a copy for yourself by going to the link below.

As for me,  I’m a back in the West after a long flight from India, wiped out and happy after a life changing journey from here to here... I was born with jet lag so all feels normal... none of my good news makes it easier to land in the West after 8 big months in India. I loved sharing with you that for me the first month in India, I am still at home in America. The second month, I finally arrive in India. The third month I am fully present in the Osho International Meditation Resort… and from month four on, I no longer exist. This moment is all that exists. Try this theory out when you have a chance. It doesn’t pay well but you may feel rich beyond your beliefs!!!

While in the West, I will be leading my Meditation Playshop wherever I am invited… when Osho asked me to lead his meditations in the West over forty years ago, it didn’t take me long to figure out that he was fooling me into meditating myself… I often chuckle to myself about Osho and his wicked sense of humor. And it worked… my Meditation Playshop is the best 3 hours present you can give yourself to remind you <and me> to live in the present… but if you do attend my Meditation Playshop, please jump into meditation totally… at the same time, please don’t ask me any deep, life changing questions…

Below is a small autobiographical piece I created for my San Francisco organizer Anand Usha. 

Krishna Prem, that is my name for 40 years now ever since I met my friend and spiritual teacher Osho on the hippy trail from the beaches of Goa, India to the peaks of the Himalayas in Nepal. Before that I was Michael Mogul. Some 70 years ago, I was born in a bedroom of Boston… today I answered to both my inner and outer names… as I no longer take any of my names seriously… as long as you call, I’ll be there. 
As Michael I graduated Boston University before moving to LA to pursuit a writing career. Nothing big came out it except I got a chance to write the girl’s questions for the Dating Game, a popular television show. At the same time I was drafted into the US Army to go to war in Vietnam. I was able to secure an honorable discharge which read that I was unable to adjust to the military style. I left show business and the US Army and America in the dust… and began my journey to find myself amidst all this pain which I confused with life itself.
I found myself in London with a job as a bartender… I began to drink heavily as I was becoming simply unsuitable to my own lifestyle as well… I poured you a drink and joined you at the same time. One night drunk, I boarded a plane to India on a one way ticket to nowhere. I ended up now here.
I still have a glass of bubbly on occasion, but I am now the boss instead of the brew dictating my life.
To be honest, I’d rather meditate with you than ‘maditate’ in the world. One of the enlightening moments I experienced is that I have two feet… two ways of looking at myself… on one leg, I am love, on the other leg I am awareness… and if I hop around on one leg at a time life is exhausting, not exhilarating. For me, meditation is a balancing act. Believe it or not, the best way to open your wings and fly is to be well grounded.

See you on May 3rd in San Fran…

Each participant of my Meditation Playshop will also receive a free signed copy of my version of the Lion’s Roar… my book, Gee You Are You.

See this link for juicy details about my gift to you...

Beside my free book, you are entitled to a certificate from yours truly that will bestow GURU status of your own… if you are foolish enough to want one!

I will be back in Germany on two occasions in June with my Meditation Playshop… be there or be sqaure.

On June 22nd, I will be in Freiburg… please go to my Facebook Event Page

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After you graduate from my Meditation Playshop and before I guarantee in writing that you are officially a GURU, there is one hurtle you still need to jump over… my esteemed friend Ram Dass has a test with you in mind, "If you think you're enlightened go spend a week with your family."

This is my personal experience of my own Enlightenment after leading my Meditation Playshop some 50 times now in 15 countries for over 1 thousand friends… Are you enlightened like your friend KP?

Recently I was bragging with friends in the OSHO International Meditation Resort that I will live forever because I am a meditator… and all around loving guy… when out of the blue, I was slapped on the side of my face by my own INSTANT KARMA.

Realizing how insecure life is, I wrote down some feelings to live by on my remaining days here on Planet Earth… and I trust you, too, will also squeeze the juice out every precious moments while you are alive.

Many of you ask me about why my Gee You Are Newsletters are less frequent in your email inbox… I just want to say thank you for remembering me and suggest you follow me on my Facebook page where I post weekly… my name on Facebook is Krishna Prem…  simply Blow on Buddha’s Nose by placing your cursor over Buddha and click… and let my Zorba entertain you!

Love is, Krishna Prem



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