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New Earth Records is an independent record label that has been bringing visionary music to enhance well-being to audiences worldwide. The seeds of New Earth Records were planted in September 1989 at the OSHO International Meditation Resort, right here in Pune, India. It all began with the Osho Kundalini Meditation and the Osho Dynamic Meditation. The founders are Osho lovers and my good friends Bhikkhu and Waduda <Waduda is on the left of the picture.>

Waduda and Bhikkhu

When I travel around the world leading my Meditation Playshop, what strikes me the most is not the virgins I meet who have never done an Osho’s Active Meditation, but how many old friends of Osho who have not done an active meditation in months, if not years… So I feel to encourage you all to dust off your dancing shoes and let go. If you do not have the music to go along with your favourite meditation, simply click on the Buddha’s third eye at the top of the page… or go directly to and order away.

I remember Osho asking me about Dynamic Meditation.

Sitting together with Osho in ’74 in his Woodlands apartment in Bombay on our one-year anniversary, I asked him how it is that he reads me like an open book. He smiled as he hinted that when he found out who he is, he also met me and that in reality we are not two. Almost giggling by now, he said that we are both buddhas, that he is a waking buddha and I am a sleeping buddha. “Not much difference, eh?” No one had ever called me a buddha before, so that felt fine, but a sleeping buddha… my young spiritual ego took a hit. Osho asked me how my meditation was coming along. He had asked me to do the Dynamic Meditation for twenty-one mornings before our meeting. What rolled off my lips is what Groucho Marx famously said, “Close, but no cigar.” Osho’s giggle turned into a hearty laugh. I went on to explain that it was not so much as getting out of my mind, but it was more like I was moving furniture (thoughts) around in my home (mind).

Osho looked at me sternly as he said, “Do not decorate your prison.”

I am not Osho… But I feel free to also invite you to break out of your prison by jumping back into an Osho Active Meditation of your choice… If possible for 21 days!

I must warn you that I have also made note that women who are total often feel empowered after just 3 weeks… Witness what happened to the young woman below when she met her inner man.

So please keep balance in your life when you jump back into active meditation… I suggest you may relax into an hour of Vipassana Meditation... or even better yet, listening to another old friend Chaitanya Hari Deuter… Click on his picture below and listen to his latest music creation.


I remember when I participated in a 21 day Mandala Meditation Challenge… Running in place in stage 1 for 15 minutes each day improved my love life considerably as you will witness for yourself by watching me in action. Simply click on the cheetah’s nose and then get out of the way fast.


Osho once asked me in Darshan <really> what I liked most about the Osho Whirling Meditation… And I said to be honest, what I like most is when it is over... You may like the Whirling Meditation, but I feel just like Charlie Chaplin.

Charlie Chaplin

You may prefer the OSHO Nataraj Meditation.


Or even Gandhi Yoga. Just click on Gandhi’s fingers and enjoy a good belly laugh.

Gandhi and Yoga

One more suggestion is to dust off an old Osho book to read over the next 21 days… At the same time you may also want to order Devageet’s book below… Also available from New Earth Records

You can ‘here’ Devageet on youtube speak about being with Osho…


Please shake Osho very lightly on his shoulder in his picture below as it time for Osho to wake up and tell us all that we are a joke unto ourselves.

Osho Resting

The first 21 women who take part in my 21 day Meditation Challenge will win a pair of Prada Sunglasses from their enlightened collection.

Conversely, the first 21 male participants will get a Certificate of Enlightenment and a free crash course on becoming a GURU as taught by yours truly… Good luck.

Welcome to Enlightenment 101


My GeeYou Are You is being published around the world... and I am flying around our small planet to babysit my book about my life with Osho... Mid May finds me in Istanbul, Turkey to personally sign my book for you. <,PR-95.html>. I will be travelling to Russia for the month of June <>... Next fall finds me in Mexico and Brazil... Join me if it's easy... Easy is right.

Gee You Are You Books

If you prefer English, I can send a signed copy of my book for the holidays.




Just I was finishing my Gee You Are Newsletter for your enjoyment, there was a knock on my door... it was my friend Chimaya Dunster with his life partner Naveena and their delightful naughty daughter Koyal... you many remember Koyal as she is infamous for jumping in the Basho pool in her maroon robe during lunchtime. I actually also remember Chinmaya singing for his 'chai' in the early days of Pune 1... and guess what, Chimaya is now a recording star for New Earth Records... please give him a listen


If you are in Europe or America right now and you want to skip the winter for a bit, join me in the warmth of Pune, India... 
love is, K 'The Snowman' P



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