Krishna Prem

"A Lucky Dog"

I was reborn on Valentine's Day, 1973, in the desert outside of Mumbai, India, at the tender age of 29. Sitting alone in front of Osho, he asked simply how I felt... I wanted to say I felt enlightened but what burst out of mouth is, "I feel lucky." I felt very much the fool but Osho's laughter helped me relax. And he said, "Stay with me as long as you feel lucky." Forty-three years later I still feel lucky and I am still here in the Buddhafield. Over the weekend, I renewed my lucky me at Sannyas Celebration together with good friends who also feel blessed. We celebrated 175 years of love for OSHO... What a celebration. Yes that's Sam <age 37> in the middle of the action, next to Geeta <40>, Anando <25> from Russia, Mallika <12> from Aus, Manjula <0> from Italy and Max <13> from Brazil, rounding out the magnificent seven.

Loving Osho is easy compared to loving you... For me, loving you remains risky... I am still learning to trust my heart.

By now I know more about loving our extended Osho family then I do about my birth family... But hopefully that is about to change. In April I will travel back to the States for a family wedding. My enlightenment is about to be challenged big time.

I just came across an old picture of my family... That's me... Michael, the Virgin, on the far left. My younger brother Brian of hypnosis fame is on the far right. Brian studied with Dr. Milton Erickson and has taught here at the OSHO International Meditation Resort. Check Brian out

By the way all of my sisters in the above picture have since left their bodies... I have been blessed with loving sisters... And I have been touched by sadness as well. Please take a moment to read a story I wrote weaving my sisters that I have loved with Osho's loving guidance. This story is featured in The Osho News Online Magazine. It is called, "Your Goose is Out." May be a better title would have been, "Older sisters are wicked Zen Masters." Enjoy.

Thank you Snoppy for putting a smile back into my newsletter.

Before I hit the States, I will renew my love affair with Amsterdam at De Nieuwe Yoga School... Being in Amsterdam is very humbling as all my friends there are giants. The Dutch are the tallest people in the world and I would feel terribly small if it wasn't for meditation... And a big ego... <Just kidding about the meditation part.>

Be there or be square: Saturday Night 26 March 2016 from 7-10pm in Amsterdam.

Go to to sign up and get more info.

Below is a picture of my tall friends of De Nieuwe Yoga School to prove my tall tale.

Here is a personal invitation to my Meditation Playshops around the world... Please forgive me if I look a little uptight. I am usually loose and natural but for some unknown reason I put my sweatshirt on backwards before the video shoot. Oh well... Just push my button to witness my uptightness.

While I am in the States, I will lead my Meditation Playshop in Toronto for my friend Amrito Bhattaral on the weekend of April 22-24. If you are in Toronto contact Amrito through his Facebook page. I will also be in Raleigh, North Carolina April 30-May 1 to lead a Playshop and Meditation Intensive. I will co-lead the intensive with Isa and Malika who will without doubt teach this old dog some new meditation techniques... Our host is Swami Raman... Please go to for details.

Flash forward... If you are in Istanbul, Turkey in May 11-13, jump to I will co-leading a Meditation Camp with my friend Mareechi Asu.

Allow me to thank you will a passionate kiss from one of my more recent past lives, love is, kp

PS... My good friend Terry just spent two weeks in the OSHO International Meditation Resort practicing martial arts... And also relaxing after his workout when he caught up with me for a cosmic gossip... I am pleased to share this video with you! Simply click on the hollow bamboo.



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