Krishna Prem

Beloved Friends, I am finally sending you my latest GURU newsletter. For over 5 years now, I have been saving our planet from taking herself seriously... through laughter... one newsletter at a time.

Please forgive me for taking so long to get back to you but i have been so busy doing nothing these last six months in the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India. As Osho reminds, "Don't Just Do Something. Sit there." 

In reality, I find it impossible to spend hours on Facebook and create a Newsletter at the very same time. Like most men, I am simply not good at multitasking!

But lately when I go to sleep at night, I have been dreaming about half my friends who love me and can't live if living is without me. It is for you, the better half, that I dedicate this newsletter.

Just today I got an OSHO Rebalancing massage session and i feel renewed and creative. And i am happy to be in touch with u'all again.
So forgive me for being a lazy camel... but even animals have a sharp wit.

An elephant asks a camel: "Why are your breasts on your back?"
"Well" says the camel, "I think that' s a strange question coming from somebody whose dick is on his face."

In my last life I was "God" spelt backward. As a "Dog" I overcame my sexual addictions. Maybe?

Now if it is possible for you get your mind out of the gutter, please consider reading my eBook 

Gee yoU aRe yoU.


Yes, Einstein was the greatest mind of my lifetime. And needless to say, Osho is the greatest no-mind of all my lifetimes. And Krishna Prem, what to say is certainly... never mind.  One time when I was sitting in front of Osho when he first moved to Pune, India, Osho hinted that I was the biggest crowd he had ever met... that in my loneliness I invited everyone I had ever loved and needed to live with me in my heart and mind. In fact, Osho said I invited so many friends and relatives to live in me that I checked out... that I was no longer present. Osho suggested I do the Kundalini Meditation daily and shake everyone out until there was space enough for me to reclaim my life.

I recently put my life with Osho as a Gee You Are You eBook for just $3.99 on Amazon and Apple because you may be just like me... you read Einstein, you lived Osho... and you are still in wonder of who you are... and just maybe you want to read a tale of this Cosmic Fool to help yourself wake up to the here and now... Enjoy, love is, kp


And now that I have your full attention, take a look at my serious side and see if you are close enough to JUMP into one of my Meditation Playshops.

Michael Mogul <you know me as Krishna Prem> is on his way to Dubai... to IIllumiations... for two Meditation Workshops Saturday the 27th January and Sunday the 28th January both from 6-9 pm. Please come if you in the Middle East... and if you have a friend in Dubai, please forward my invitation as I remain the new kid in town. I am so ready you!

Please reserve your space with

409, Fortune Executive Towers, Cluster T, Plot T1
Jumeirah Lake Towers, outside Dubai Marina Metro.
P.O Box 41752, Dubai, U.A.E
phone 04 4487043 | 04 3692254 | 050 910 4710
if you prefer a private session, I have a limited amount of 1 hour private sessions which you can book through Illuminations

Krishna Prem Meditation Workshop in Dubai

As the world turns, I enjoy that in the East, more and more friends love to call me Michael Mogul, while in Europe and America, friends jump at the chance to call me Krishna Prem. Personally I agree with with Bob Dylan in his song, "Gotta Serve Somebody" when he sings,  "You may call me anything but no matter what you say. You’re gonna have to serve somebody, yes indeed." So you can call me Krishna Prem, you can call me KP. You can call me Michael, you might call me Mikey. But I am going to serve Osho.
 April finds me leaving Pune for Europe... here is a taste of my Mediation Playshops for the spring... Join me if it's easy... Easy is right. Or invite me to your hometown... My mantra is "Have Meditation, Will Travel."
Sunday April 8 finds me at De Roos in Amsterdam. For me, De Roos is the Meditation Hub of Amsterdam. Please contact De Roos for details Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel. +31 (0)20 – 6890081 <You might remember Frank Klank, the guy just to my left on the picture below, who works and leads sound meditations at De Roos.>

The last weekend in April finds me in Portugal with my beloved friend Darshan as my host… Please contact for the juicy details.
The first Sunday in May I am in Berlin at the Osho Studio with Krisana and Ali…I  feel blessed to be back in Berlin. I haven’t seen Krisana and Ali since we were all in bed together!
The weekend of May 12, I am flying to Bulgaria to promote my book Gee You Are You which is now in Bulgarian… And to lead a meditations and book signings… Fun… My host is Sajeev. By the way, my book in Bulgarian is called The Cosmic Joke!
May 21, I am in the north of the Netherlands in Groningen co-leading a day of Meditation and Tantra with my goddess friend Shashi. <On a personal note as not to confuse my past and present lovers, I am leading the meditation section and I will be in touch with you, when and if, I become a tantrican. I remain hopeful.> Please look up Shashi at…  Send me an email if you interested… In the picture below Shashi is on the bottom left and the rest of the girls are all lovers of mine in my next lifetime.
June finds me in America with no plans yet except to Trump some sense into my Homeland.
PLUS… Please visit as my website has been enriched by my friend Amano. Really you can spend the day with me on my website… Thank you Amano… And thank You for reading this newsletter to the very bottom.
Love is, kp

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