Krishna Prem

“Live in the market-place and create a Himalaya in the heart. Become silent in the noise. So be in the world, but don't let the world be in you. Love, and yet don't be lost in it. Relate, and yet be alone, utterly alone. Know perfectly well that all relationship is a game. Play the game and play it as beautifully as possible and as skillfully as possible. A game is after all a game and has to be played beautifully. And follow all the rules of the game, because a game cannot exist without rules. But remember always that it is just a game. Don't become attached to it. Don't become serious in it. Always allow the sense of humor to remain alive in you. Remain sincere but non-serious. And then, slowly slowly, you will see that the polarities are disappearing." 


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Welcome to the G.U.R.U.

High Friends,

I just updated my Gee yoU aRe yoU website … which actually stands for "Gee You Are You" or G.U.R.U. for short… check out my website to see pictures of Osho and me… as well as my newsletter... plus my book by the same name. And so much more. You won’t want to miss my new blog… all you have to do is push my blog button.

By the way, Gee is American slang for Wow. Wow You Are You... and Gee I Am Me. In meditation, we discover that we are one existence appearing as two friends. In reality, there is no such thing as separation. We are all together.

For nearly 45 years now, I have been spending six months a year at the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune, India and six months a year in the West. While in India, I have always stayed in touch with my family and friends first through letters… you remember stamps, don’t you? And then by email. For the last five years, I have been sending out a newsletter to over ten thousand buddhas like yourself… the sole purpose of my newsletter is to make me a "joke unto myself". Click on the newsletter banner above and enjoy.

"Buddha’s message in short is: Be a light unto yourself. And mine? Be a joke unto yourself!" Osho

I am pleased to announce that a book is now available. My book, Gee You Are You, is written for “spiritual virgins.” My heart opens for young friends of all ages who are discovering Osho and meditation. 

Feel free to share my website, or any of my newsletters for that matter, with your friends who are interested in becoming who they already are.

I am Meditation teacher leading Meditation Intensives in the USA, Europe, and India. I was born and educated in the United States. Upon graduation, I began to travel and work around the world. My first stop on my world tour was England where I managed the Ship Hotel in Shepperton, a bedroom of London. From England, I traveled East in 1973 where I met my teacher and friend Osho in India. As Krishna Prem, I brought my passion for meditation full circle back with me to California where I founded Geetam Ashram which flourished into the biggest Osho Meditation Center in the West. It was in California that I began leading Meditation Intensives for thousands of seekers.

OOPS, I am already getting serious... that is is why I now call my Meditation Intensive by it's rightful new name, Meditation Playshop. Hopefully we will be together one fine day in person. Or if you prefer to meditate with me in the comfort of your own living room, we can set up a Meditation Playshop Online skype session.

Love is, Krishna Prem