Krishna Prem

Goodbye Osho Meditation Resort, Hello World

I just booked my train ticket to Mumbai… training remains the best way to feel Mother India and meet her children up close and personal.

My six months in Poona are coming to an end…its time to leave the “womb” for the big bad world… on my screensaver, I have emblazoned an Osho quote which is my fire test.

The test of whether your meditation is succeeding or not is in life. When you meditate and you go to the shop you will know whether you are succeeding in your meditation or not. Are you still as greedy in the shop as you used to be before? Do you still get angry when somebody says something against you? Can people still manage to push your buttons as easily as before? The marketplace is the test of all your meditations. The test has to be there every day – one hour meditation, twenty-three hours test. And you will grow strong.



For me, it’s a good time to get out of town…the heat is back in India big time…my new idea of keeping my cool is to jump in the swimming pool at 3pm and then throw my maroon robe over my wet suit…and strut my stuff…I look like I pissed all over my self…but I grew up with the American Mantra, “Whatever Works”.

The Osho Meditation Resort is still juicy with a final exodus of best friends…which gives me a week of watching my very own breath before I hit Amsterdam…until then I’ll be in my own room in Osho house…with the air-conditioner on full blast…while I leave my wet suit on… somebody’s got to “maditate”.

I must add that the resort is so very sweet in this moment; the heat and intimacy have so much in common here.

Remember to be gentle with yourself. Love, kp


Close your eyes, so that you can see the reality of the here. There and then are only fictions. Here and now are the only realities.



A yogi leaves his cave in the Himalayas for New York City to test his enlightenment… he decides to drop his attachment to being a vegetarian and stops at a hot dog stand and orders his lunch: 'Make me one with everything.'

The yogi gives the vendor a $20 bill. The vendor takes the $20 and gives the yogi his hot dog. The yogi waits a beat. The vendor just smiles at him...

'Surely this hot dog didn't cost twenty bucks! Where's my change?'

and the vendor replies.....

'Ah, but change must come from within!’

The yogi was so upset that he walked straight into a bar and ordered his first alcoholic beverage in his lifetime. He was the only dark skinned man there. As he waited for his shot of booze, he noticed a white man behind him.

The white man said, ‘Colored people are not allowed here.’ The Indian yogi turned around and stood up.

He then said: ‘Listen sir... when I was born I was Brown, when I grew up I was Brown, when I'm sick I'm Brown, when I go in the sun, I'm Brown, when I'm cold I'm Brown.’ ‘And when I die I'll be Brown.’

‘But you sir, when you're born you're Pink, when you grow up you're White, when you're sick, you're Green, when you go in the sun you turn Red, when you're cold you turn Blue.’ ‘And when you die, you turn bright Purple.’

And you have the nerve to call me colored?’

The white man walked away... and our yogi sat back down, takes a sip and begins to enjoy his zorba nature.


kp above, the party below… using the party energy to work on my g.u.r.u. newsletter.


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