Krishna Prem


I am now 100 years young… my body turns 65 on September 19th and I received sannyas 35 years ago on Valentines day, 1973.

For me meeting Osho was an inner rebirth.

To be honest, I have mixed feelings as its embarrassing growing old in society… and at the same time, it is delightful to grow up.

The good news about meeting Osho is that I act and feel like a 35 year old ‘nothing’ with the maturity of a sixty ‘something’.

“Growing up means moving every moment deeper into the principle of life; it means going farther away from death -- not towards death. The deeper you go into life, the more you understand the immortality within you. You are going away from death; a moment comes when you can see that death is nothing but changing clothes, or changing houses, changing forms -- nothing dies, nothing can die.

Death is the greatest illusion there is..

For growing up, just watch a tree. As the tree grows up, its roots are growing down, deeper. There is a balance: the higher the tree goes, the deeper the roots will go. You cannot have a tree one hundred and fifty feet high with small roots; they could not support such a huge tree.”



When I was a young man it was so easy to learn new tricks.

"In life, growing up means growing deep within yourself -- that's where your roots are.

To me, the first principle of life is meditation. Everything else comes second. And childhood is the best time. As you grow older, it means you are coming closer to death, and it becomes more and more difficult to go into meditation.

Meditation means going into your immortality, going into your eternity, going into your godliness."



As I grew in manhood, I found multi-tasking difficult.

Plus I still find it hard to perform when I get attention… its not easy taking life in my own hands.


Thank heavens I have finally learned how to use a condom.

"Man is born only as a potential. If you don't develop your potential, if you don't grow spiritually. The body will go on becoming bigger and bigger, but that is not growth. Growing old is not growing up, growing physically is not growing spiritually. And unless you grow spiritually you are wasting a precious opportunity. Don't waste a single moment in anything else. Do the necessary things, the essential things, but pour more and more energy into watchfulness, awareness. Wake up!” 




I am not the oldest sannyasin… I go to “No Dimensions” Sam, my main man, when I need advice how to act my age… not.


1) You believe in Santa Claus. 
2) You don't believe in Santa Claus. 
3) You are Santa Claus. 
4) You look like Santa Claus.


Remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, but live today.

Laughter is, Krishna Prem.

"Maturity is a rebirth, a spiritual birth. You are born anew, you are a child again. With fresh eyes you start looking at existence. With love in the heart you approach life. With silence and innocence you penetrate your own innermost core. You are no more just the head. Now you use the head, but it is your servant. First you become the heart, and then you transcend even the heart... Going beyond thoughts and feelings and becoming a pure isness is maturity. Maturity is the ultimate flowering of meditation."



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