Krishna Prem

Tired? Quit those ‘48-hour days’


A loving intelligence is what is needed. Intelligence alone becomes intellectual, love alone becomes sentimentality, but a loving intelligence never becomes intellectuality or sentimentality. It gives you a new kind of integrity, a new crystallization.



High Friends, I was invited to write a meditation column for an on-line magazine out of Los Angeles… …the magazine also features an article by Osho. Here it is.

You are simply too busy to give up your precious time simply to relax and let go. At least that’s what I hear all the time from my friends when I return to Los Angeles, the City of Angels, from India. It took me the longest time to understand how busy Angels are.

Certainly you need to a fast car to get from ‘here to here’.

Funny enough, I agree with you. Twenty-four hours is simply not enough time to have a successful life. So I want to offer you an extra 24 hours a day for “free” if you agree to set aside just one hour for meditation. Deal?

This is what I mean; The usual 24 hours is the time you spend away from yourself. It is the time you give your ‘outer’ life. It is your job, your society, your children.

Look closely now: You also spend 24 hours a day on your inner self, talking to yourself, taking care of yourself.

No wonder you are tired, every day of your life is 48 hours of work!

That’s where meditation comes in. When you learn to meditate–or let’s call it simply when you learn to relax—there is no such thing as time. You are simply in the moment. When your outer life and your inner life are in harmony, time disappears.

Here’s a "lifework” assignment to address that inner-outer harmony. Pick a juicy hour of your busy day and remain alert for one hour. Simply watch your two voices—inner and outer.

A perfect example is being at dinner with a beloved. Watch your body eats and watch what comes out of your mouth at the same time. Witness what your mind is constantly repeating, Is this food too fattening. I'd rather be alone. Making love is less fattening.

Remember the lifework assignment is be alert, not to be honest. Relax.

Be prepared.. You just might rediscover that you are not the mind, not the body, that you are simply the witness. If so, give your self an "A" for Enlightenment. If not, give yourself an "E" for Ego. In any case, have fun, it’s your life.

Awareness knows only the present. To be free from past and future is to taste freedom for the first time. And in that experience one becomes whole, healthy; all wounds are healed. That well-being is the beginning of transformation.



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