Krishna Prem

"East Meets West"

I love being in the West again after spending the winter in India… I sleep like a big baby in my queen size bed. Honestly I feel like I am back in the womb.

I am so relaxed that I can watch myself dream… my head is full of love and <com>passion.

In the East, when I spend time in bed I often feel more thorny then horny.

When I wake up in Europe, I take long walks and marvel at the Western architecture.

Of course, India is also well built.

Meditation is now happening in the West as well… recently I had my seventeenth nervous satori watching television.

And I enjoy keeping up with the latest fashions… I love just doing it in my Nikes.

Needless to say I love the cleanliness.

This toilet is constructed entirely of one-way glass!
No one can see me from the outside, but when
I am inside it's like sitting in a clear 
glass box!

On the other hand in India, I always feel like a stand up #1 guy.

And in the West, friends almost believe in God.

In the East, everyone believes in God, but there is no room for Him.

The West is now full of computer experts.

On this account, the East is light years ahead.

When I am in the West, I concentrate on my future.

I am making big money teaching yoga in the West… I teach yoga in my local pub.

Yoga from India:


Yoga from the bottle.

Plus, I am teaching Tantra whenever I can captivate an audience. Below is a talk on Tantra I did on the radio… I was interviewed by Laurie Handlers, a renowned Tantra Teacher from the States… when it's easy, get comfortable and tune into Laurie and me making love over the airways… really… just press the button on my small mind below… and you will be stimulated to the max.

I will remain in the West until I become tense.

Try this for yourself and see how it does your brain in.
Subject: Are any of these items moving? Or are they perfectly still?

The picture above is used to test the level of stress a person can handle.
The slower the picture moves, the better your ability of handling stress.

So when I am stressed I book a flight directly to the Osho International Meditation Resort… and relax.

“Man is very tiny if you look at his body, man is very foolish if you look at his mind, and man is tremendously vast if you look at his consciousness. Three things meet in man. The vast, the infinite, meet in his consciousness, in his awareness. That's what you become aware of when you meditate: boundaries recede and disappear.”



Laughter is, Krishna Prem.

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