Krishna Prem

Be Hair Now

I am now back in the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune India… for that last five months I have been in America and Europe and Turkey leading my Meditation Playshop wherever I land… below I am in Amsterdam at the YogaYatra Studio introducing meditation to 22 Osho virgins… as Osho reminds, “Energy is Delight.”

Meditation Playshop

While in Berlin, Germany at the Osho Studio with Krisana and Ali, Mini Man videotaped my Meditation Playshop… for a taste of my Meditation Playshop, simply click on your inner guru below and witness why you want to play with me next spring… really, if you invite me to visit you in your home town, I will come… don’t think big, just feel intimate.

Trust Your Intuition

I am now a YouTube Channel… call me Gentleman Gaga… enjoy twenty brand new two minute moments of meditation about my forty years with Osho… some sweet, some sour… watch one a day for three weeks and kill yourself laughing… simply click on my Baby Buddha and enjoy my pretty Original Face.

Original Face

Friends from all over the world ask me how is it I am so wise about the opposite sex… the answer is I can pee standing up! In my first life as a human being, my name was Adam and I was crazy about being alone with Eve. When God got bored with his latest creation, he called Eve and I together to offer us each a miracle before he moved on to who knows where.

Why men can pee standing up?

Multiple Orgasms

So yes it is true I know a lot about Homo sapiens like you and me. But I was surprised how we still act like animals whenever we get our buttons pushed. This is the ‘soul’ reason I jumped at the chance to lead my Meditation Playshop at the Amsterdam Zoo. The Pandas got the cosmic joke right away, falling all over themselves laughing.


The Elephants needed a personal touch before they let go.

Krishna Prem and Elephant

The Penguins acted just like People… and I enrolled them on a 21 day Dynamic Meditation Intensive.

Zen Penguin

Penguins and People alike are so upset about the world at present that self-love is at an all-time low. As I too feel like a Penguin myself sometimes, I simply read aloud the Osho quote below… and breath.

Change Yourself

I also throw in a little of the Dalai Lama for good measure.

Dalai Lama

When all else fails, I go into the Osho Auditorium and do my best Snoopy impersonation.


Loving you as me, KP



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