Krishna Prem

"Into the Wild"

I remember being an elephant in a past life as if it was yesterday… I was conceived on a safari… how romantic can you get?

Meditation is needed because you have become unnatural. If you live a natural life... and by 'natural' I mean: live the moment as it is… don't try to put any should on it, don't try to transform it into anything else. Just accept the moment as it is. When in love, love, and don't think how love should be. Don't consult love manuals, just let love flow naturally.”



I also remember my first incarnation as a human being… it was much more trying being born a baby boy… this may be because I was brought up by my father and brother as my mother died when I was a just an infant.

Still today when I encounter a problem in the real world, I go into the wild to connect with my past life family for comfort and solace.

“From the very childhood you have been programmed to be tight. You don't breathe... out of fear. Out of fear of sexuality, people don't breathe, because when you breathe deeply, your breath goes exactly to the sex center and hits it, massages it from the inside, excites it. Because you have been taught that sex is dangerous, each child starts breathing in a shallow way… hung up just in the chest. He never goes beyond that because if he goes beyond it, suddenly, there is excitement: sexuality is aroused and fear arises. The moment you breathe deeply, sex energy is released. Sex energy HAS to be released. It has to flow all over your being. Then your body will become orgasmic.”



Recently, while I was in the wild with my extended family, I began ‘maditating’ on how I could apologize to you, my beloved friends, for spamming you… when suddenly out of the blue, the heavens opened up and the answer appeared…


One of life’s lesson that I learned as a young elephant was not to compare myself to any other animals, human or otherwise.

“When you don't compare, when you don't compete, when you are not ambitious, when you don't want to be anybody other than who you are, you accumulate much energy -- because all that energy that was being wasted in competition and conflict, is no longer wasted. You become a reservoir. Out of that energy comes creativity. Creativity has nothing to do with competition, it has something to do with overflowing energy. William Blake is right, he says, ‘Energy is delight.’ "



At the same time, as a youngster in the wild, I developed a keen sense of curiosity which remains with me even today.

An elephant asks a camel: "Why are your breasts on your back?"

"Well" says the camel, "I think that' s a strange question coming from somebody whose dick is on his face."

While in the wild, I befriended a little girl… I have named her Elle Phant because she is a clothes horse… Elle says that the devil in her wears Prada… and so I am taking her with me on a clothing safari through Europe. Elle is so worldly.

Our first stop is Amsterdam… cause Elle and I have one thing in common… we both love to celebrate… we’ll see you on the dance floor… be there or be square.

I have started a blog to stay in touch with my herd… it’s wild but you humans beings may also want to come along for the stampede… simply click on the arrow below and enjoy. Laughter is, Krishna Prem

Ps… You are invited to my new improved website at



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