Krishna Prem

“As an animal...”

I can’t help myself. I am an animal… still now, but especially in my past lives… in my most recent past life as an animal, I was a giraffe. Being so tall, it was natural for me to learn the art of witnessing.

Witnessing is a key word for all meditators.
Witness that you are not the body...
Witness that you are not the mind...
Witness that you are only a witness.

Suddenly, great bliss arises in you
out of nowhere
flowers of invisible ecstasy
start showering on you.
You are at the very source of your life juices



As a dog, I learned to express my feelings.


The animal has great energy, that's why it is called animal. 'Anima' means aliveness, power, vitality; 'animal' means one who is vital. I am not for suppression. I am for understanding, I am for transformation. And if the animal is transformed and absorbed by the essence, you will feel great power, great fire. Your life will become such a passionate affair with existence, you will have such intensity, that each moment will give you the joy of an eternity



My favorite past life was when I was a whale… I remember singing not because I knew anything, but because I had a song.


Bliss is your intrinsic nature. It is nothing to be achieved and earned; it is nothing to be reached somewhere. You are born with it



So remember, do one brave thing then run like hell… love, kp



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