Krishna Prem


Be honest, do you think I am at the Osho International Meditation Resort right now because I love women? Or do you think I am here to be meditate my life away?

The answer is none of the above.

I am here in The Osho International Meditation Resort because from Poona, India, it’s a local telephone call to Heaven. Just the other night while I was on stage during our variety show, my cell phone my amazement it was God himself...< I usually get the operator at the pearly gates>...needless to say I took the collect call.

God asked me about our friend Sam who recently had a silent heart attack. God asked me if Sam was due upstairs in the near future. Personally I was upset that God called me to ask about Sam, but I didn’t let on. I simply suggested it was up to you, God, not me. I was surprised when he said he found it difficult to make decisions. I felt like saying, “Grow up” when God suggested leaving Sam’s fate up to the audience to decide.

I was shit scared that the audience of mostly new friends would vote Sam out in favor of a death celebration as only we can know how to party...I decided to call Sam on stage before the vote...I was amazed at the outpouring of healing love and thunderous laughter and applause that came Sam’s way...God, being the silent type, hung up on me.

The vote was unanimous...and I am happy to say that Sam is still with us...returning to health with every new day and again leading the No Dimensions meditation in the Osho Auditorium.

“Once you know yourself, there is no death. Death was only in your ignorance. In your meditative consciousness, death disappears just as darkness disappears when there is light brought in. Meditation brings the light in, and death is found to be the greatest fiction. It appears only from the outside that somebody is dying. From the inside nobody has ever died, and that is where your life source is. Life is neither born nor dies. It has been before birth; it will be after death. Birth and death both are small episodes in the eternal stream of consciousness and light.”



In the middle of the night, God rang me again (he can be such a pain in the ass). God appeared relieved by the outcome of the vote...he had a message for Sam. He said, “Tell Sam that old tennis players never die, they just lose their balls.”

And then God started to unnecessarily rag on me. He said he was surprised that when he called to wake me up, that a sixty plus mature meditator like myself was unconsciously dreaming about making love. And just like that he projected a photo of my dreaming mind on my ceiling.

I was totally embarrassed to be exposed as a sex addict in the eyes of God...and I was thankful as hell when God suggested that I go back to sleep and he would personally give me a lesson in Tantra, the supreme understanding.

God, I hope I never wake up. Love is, Krishna Prem


“Tantra is something that has to be brought to the whole world again, to every individual -- because it teaches you that while making love you can also meditate, and if meditation and love-making mix into each other your sexuality starts changing its quality, it starts moving upwards. Now it is finding far more juicier spaces, more luminous spaces. Tantra can reach to the ultimate point of illumination, what we call enlightenment.” 



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