Krishna Prem


"If you are sad you are wrong; if you are joyful you are right" Osho

High Friends,

I just completely changed my website… check it out when you are free.

I am pleased to announce that a book by the same name as my newsletter is "nearly" ready for publication. And I have included the first chapter in my new website to give you a sneak preview. Enjoy. The book is being written for "spiritual virgins", not great meditators like ourselves. My heart opens for young friends of all ages who are new to Osho and meditation. Feel free to share my chapter one with your friends who are interested in becoming who they already are.

Love is, Krishna Prem

Ps... I just came across a cartoon "The Unpredictable Master" drawn by Yatri for the Osho Times which flooded me with memories of my first moments with Osho.

I prepared for my trek in the Himalayas by taking a job as a hod-carrier for a bricklayer just outside of London. My college degree in Jewish Engineering (B.S. in Business Administration >from Boston University) did nothing to prepare me for climbing up a ladder with 8 bricks under my arm, day in and day out. I became absolutely muscle bound... I actually reached the point that my legs became the strongest part of my body... even stronger then my tongue. <Are you aware that the tongue is the strongest muscle in your body>. 

I began my journey to the base camp of Mt. Everest in Goa. In the 70's, the trip from the beaches of Goa to the mountain peaks of Nepal was called the Hippy Trail. In Goa I added a bronze color to my English brawn.

And on my way from there to there, I met Osho in the here and now. I joined him in a meditation camp in the desert outside of Mumbai... and took sannyas immediately. Falling in love was easy... rising in love is another matter altogether.

I immediately got a job as Osho's bodyguard which was a blissful way to be close to him. It was a simple leela as my job was to keep a small crowd <there were only 200 friends at the meditation camp in those days> from crushing him with well wishes. 

After the camp, I took off for the mountains.

Gosh, I was a happy camper... in love, I charged up and down the mountains with reckless abandon... the Himalayas are actually young mountains and are still growing... and the mountains brought out the little boy in me... I didn't know how to pace myself and proceeded to go crazy and get dehydrated to the point that I lost two English stones... or about 28 pounds of muscle before I rejoined Osho in Rajasthan at the next meditation camp.

When I went in to see Osho for darshan, I never saw his eyes so big... almost like he was asking himself where did I leave my body... my days as a body guard were numbered, but rest assured, there is always dishes to wash.

“Live in the market-place and create a Himalaya in the heart. Become silent in the noise. So be in the world, but don't let the world be in you. Love, and yet don't be lost in it. Relate, and yet be alone, utterly alone. Know perfectly well that all relationship is a game. Play the game and play it as beautifully as possible and as skillfully as possible. A game is after all a game and has to be played beautifully. And follow all the rules of the game, because a game cannot exist without rules. But remember always that it is just a game. Don't become attached to it. Don't become serious in it. Always allow the sense of humor to remain alive in you. Remain sincere but non-serious. And then, slowly slowly, you will see that the polarities are disappearing." 



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