Krishna Prem


On a small iceberg, somewhere near the North Pole, a little bear goes up to
his mother and asks, "Mom, what kind of bear am I?"

"You are a polar bear, son," replies his mother. "Are you sure I am not a
brown bear?" he asks. "Quite sure, son," she replies, "you are a polar

But the little bear is not satisfied. "Mom," he says, "maybe I am a grizzly

"What are you asking these questions for, son?" asks his mother. "You are a
polar bear."

So the little bear walks across the iceberg to his father. "Pop," he says,
"am I a panda bear?"

"No, son," says the father, "you are a polar bear."

"Not a koala bear?" asks the baby bear. "No, you are a polar bear," says 
his father. "Why are you asking all these questions?"

"Because," moans the little bear, "I am cold!"

“First you have to love yourself, know yourself, BE yourself. Out of that you will radiate love, understanding, tenderness, care for others. Out of meditation arises true compassion, but meditation is a selfish phenomenon. Meditation means just enjoying yourself and your aloneness, forgetting the whole world and just enjoying yourself. It is a selfish phenomenon, but out of this selfishness arises great altruism.”



I just want to send warm love from Poona.

Right now the Osho Meditation Resort is filling up with juicy friends from around the world. the pool is heated, the Osho Auditorium is cooled. and in the cappuccino bar, today's gossip, tomorrow's gospel, can be heard just above the laughter. The Osho Meditation Resort remains a meeting place of friends.

During my first evening meeting, Osho, out of the blue, and totally out of context, said, "I want Krishna Prem to be happy". Osho was referring to the 'other' Krishna Prem, but as he is no longer here, I was subjected to tons of love and hugs for days to follow which finished off my state of down which comes with jet lag. Jet lag always seems to play with my mind until my body lands. Hugging helps.

Come if its easy. Easy is right.

I remain your friend…this snowman melts in your love, kp 


“Meditate, and meditate totally, and put your whole energy into it. Beyond that, be gentle with yourself.” 



Ps…By the way, I am finished with taxi rides, I just got my Indian driving license so we can safely cruise the pot holes of Poona together on our way to dinner. 

On the other hand, if you prefer an intimate evening at home, we can relax and order tofu burgers to take out…



“LAUGHTER is the very essence of religion. Seriousness is never religious, cannot be religious. Seriousness is of the ego, part of the very disease. Laughter is egolessness.” 



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