Krishna Prem

Meera Meera on the Wall

In the Hindu tradition, Meera was a Hindu mystic poet and devotee of Krishna. In this lifetime, our roles are reversed and Meera is a source of inspiration for this Krishna… Meera is simply the most creative person I have met in the OSHO International Meditation Resort… just click on the tip of my pain brush and dive into my friend Meera and her art work. Or go directly to

And when you work with Meera, you are working on yourself… Meera is hands-on… Simply click on Meera’s fingers tips and imagine you are now participating in Meera’s

Osho Art Therapy Training.

I feature myself as an art historian… And I have put together the history of art in one simple chart so that you can finally understand art in the here and now… Without further ado, allow me to educate you.

Personally, I have been in love with art my entire adult life as museums are a great place to meet women. Just recently I spent quite a bit of time with Mona Lisa and the attraction was clearly mutual.

Mona and I fell in love and I had no choice but to steal here away and smuggle her into America with marriage in mind… But I am sad to say that Mona changed once we hit the states and the honeymoon was over before it began. She loves her new life without me and I wish her well in the plastic fantastic USA.

I don’t want to act like I have sour grapes that one more relationship turned into a “relationshit” but I am sure there is another man in Mona’s life and that is why she dumped me like a hot potato… But I did see Mona’s old flame David at McDonald’s flipping burgers. I mean why else would David get off his marble pedestal and come to America… The only good news is that David is gaining lots of “Marble at McDonald’s"… Serves him right if you ask me.

Monaless and moneyless and heart broken, I headed strait back to Europe and her museums to cheer me up… For me, I love how life imitates art.

On beautiful days, I find myself strolling the canals of Amsterdam… The architecture alone for me in nothing less than an outdoor museum… And it’s free… Enjoy!

If fine art is not your thing, I also teach the art of meditation… Feel free to be with me in my remaining Meditation Playshops before I travel back to India July 1.
Lugano on Friday May 29… 
Zurich on Sunday May 31…
Athens on Saturday and Sunday June 6 and 7…
London on Sunday June 21…
Plus don’t miss my going away Meditation Playshop Celebration in Amsterdam on Friday June 26

And if you just want to relax at home, I can bring my Meditation Playshop into to your living room via Skype… My Skype name is krishna61 and my email isThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Together we will discover that we are one existence appearing as two friends.

Before I sign off, I just want to add that Meera has made fine prints of her art work to make her passion available at a price we can all afford… Just click on my favorite painting of Meera below for more information… Love is, kp



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